Europe’s Largest Sukkah Goes Up in Moscow

An enormous sukka that can fit about 1,000 people was built just outside of Moscow’s Jewish Community Center in the Marina Roscha neighborhood.

The huge sukka adjacent to the Moscow Jewish Community Center in Marina Roscha is buzzing with activity these days of Sukkos. There are Minyanim and various Torah and Chassidus classes being held inside the shul for the public.

During the first two days of Yom Tov, followed by Shabbos, the sukka hosted thousands of people who came to eat the holiday meals which were served free of charge. Despite the strong rains and wintery weather, there was an uplifting and brotherly atmosphere as people sat together in no hurry to leave, singing niggunim and enjoying the festive ambience.

The seudos were led by Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar, who inspired the crowds with words of Torah and Chassidus. They were followed by spontaneous dancing in the city’s streets each evening of Chol Hamoed.

The shul’s gabbais are getting ready to greet the throngs who will come for Simchas Torah. A special accent will be placed on giving personal attention to the many many children who are expected.

For the Jews of Russia, Simchas Torah has always been THE holiday, with hundreds and thousands showing up for the festivities, drawing strength from these special days for the rest of the year.

Photos by Levi Nazarov



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