Photos: YSP Goes White Water Rafting

On Sunday, the talmidim of Yeshiva Summer Program in Morristown, NJ, enjoyed their third trip: white water rafting.

They traveled to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, where the Talmidim split into groups of six, and went down a nine-mile section of the Lehigh River.

Each raft received lunch boxes and powerades for the way.

After four hours of paddling, capsizing and swimming, they davened Mincha and a delicious barbecue dinner was served.

Upon returning to camp, the Talmidim davened Maariv and were treated to fresh danishes.

Photos by Avi Eskinazi for


  • 1. parent wrote:

    best camp in ruchnius and in gashmius
    so so so lucky that my son was accepted. I understand that there is a long waiting list

  • 2. no need for visiting day wrote:

    I am a bubby and this is great .. it is a wonderful way to visit with the einiklach.

    they are all having a wonderful time and baruch Hashem they have wonderful staff.


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