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Large Crowd Present as Slain Fighter Laid to Rest

A large crowd gathered at the Eternal Light Memorial Gardens near Boca Raton, Florida, to accompany Aaron Rajman, 25, to his final resting place.

The young man, an accomplished MMA fighter and a beloved son, brother and member of his community, was killed on Monday evening by unidentified men inside his home. The motive for the killing is under investigation.

The somber funeral was addressed by Aaron’s mother, Lauren, followed by Rabbi Zalman Bukiet, spiritual leader of Chabad of West Boca Raton, where Aaron was a regular attendee since his childhood.

A fund was set up by Rabbi Bukiet to help the family cover the costs of the funeral and burial, which can be contributed to here:


  • 1. NTG wrote:

    Sad sad sad. It is so unfortunately so common for professional fighters to get killed young because they frustrate bad people with their skill and those cowards use weapons.

  • 2. Now this is a Kiddush Hashem wrote:

    I believe, this is a good piece of news to show the Crowds that being jewish and dying because you are Jewish is very meaningful!
    Its so sad this happened, Imagine the world being influenced by him in good ways Kiddush Hashem’s if he where here today and forever!
    This is a terrible loss for our Nation!
    may his soul rest in peace, and his family be consoled.


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