Parents and Singles Attend Shadchanim Meet & Greet

Over 150 parents and singles attended the ChabadMatch Meet and Greet Shadchanim event this past Sunday at Machon L’Yahadus in Crown Heights.

Over 20 Shadchanim met with the singles and parents throughout the afternoon, and over 400 individual meetings took place!

Attendees traveled from as far as Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Canada, Miami, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Boston to attend the event.

Mrs. Leah Namdar organized a networking session for mothers, and a photographer was available to take profile photos of singles.

This was a unique opportunity for both singles/parents and Shadchanim to network, and ChabadMatch will plan new similar events in the near future.

Photos by Sholom Srugo


  • 1. req wrote:

    everyone should think of and try to help their friends and neighbors too. the ahavas yisroel will help everyone

  • 2. exposure exposure exposure wrote:

    The solution is for guys and girls who are older than 25 to become real humans to each other rather than paper concepts: Singles events, Shabbos tables, etc. will make Shiduchim.

  • 3. Curious wrote:

    What makes a Shadchan? Is there a test? Qualifications? Some are great. Some dont do their research. Some drop the ball after the first date.
    All mean well but I have dealt with some who after meeting, would rather my kids find on their own. Now lots do. Either way, Hashem is the ultimate Shadchan.

  • 4. Avraham Yosef wrote:

    This happened bec ppl came into Bklyn 4 gimmel Tamuz, when the whole world comes in then u have this, but not on a regular Tues in middle of July or March, thank u Ch info for updating us

  • 5. I don't believe wrote:

    I don’t believe in Shadchanim,.
    They lie about age, looks,etc.
    You are at their mercy to get a date.
    I would rather meet directly and have more of a say who i will go out with.
    The Gemara said a man can not marry a woman through a Shaliach, since he may come to transgress the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel, if when they get married and he does not like the way she looks.
    Yet we rely on a system of blind dates where we go out with women who we are not attracted to because we don’t see the women until the date.
    I rely on Hashem, not Shadchanim, and not rabbis or mashpias.

  • 6. interested wrote:

    Who is the chasidishe girl with the green sweater and the glasses ?

  • 7. F.C.S. wrote:

    A wonderful endeavor – opening up many channels and opportunities.
    Kol hakavod to the organizers and the shadchanim – may your devotion and caring for your fellow Jew bear many fruit. Thank you!

  • 8. The kangeroo wrote:

    I have a motto for the shadchonim; ‘Our clients always come back’

  • 9. To #7 wrote:

    It’s not that they care, it’s a business, shadchanim make it very big & do well when it comes to this, that is if it works out, but truly don’t think that they are doing it out of the kindness of their heart, they aren’t its all about the $$$$$

  • 10. To #5 wrote:

    Yes I agree with u, u can’t trust shadchanim bec they’ll give whatever they want, & yes they lie about age look etc better to meet the young lady yourself, btw u might wana get a pic of her before u meet her, & I mean a “recent pic” like within the last 3 months, but yes your a 100% right stay away from Shadchanim.

  • 11. Singles wrote:

    Can we get a full list of all the singles who were there and we can then help in setting them up ?

    Is the list only avail for shadchanim??


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