Photos: Videos of the Rebbe on Eastern Parkway

Over 1,000 men and woman gathered on Eastern Parkway for an inspirational program on the eve of Gimmel Tammuz. The program featured a number of videos of the Rebbe.


  • Passive chassidus.

    Its nice but it seems like its too passive. You come to a gimmel tamuz event and you watch a few Rebbe videos and boom now you’re a chossid! Its as easy as that.

    There is no work involved , no reviewing of chassidus, no rectifying ones middos, just plain watch a few of our videos and you are guaranteed to be a chossid.

    • Meir

      So consider aliyah l’regel in the times of the Beis Hamikdash (may it be rebuilt BBA). Couldn’t you say the same thing? You come and appear in the azarah, bring some korbanos, and you’re a good Jew. There were indeed people who thought that way, for which the nevi’im criticized them; but the fault wasn’t with the mitzvah of aliyah l’regel itself – on the contrary, it was an opportunity, if used correctly, to become a better Jew.

      Same here. Being at such a gathering won’t in itself make you a chossid; but neither will being at a farbrengen, or studying Chassidus, etc. But it’s something that hopefully will inspire the attendees to do active things towards becoming chassidim.

  • Dear Mr "Passive"

    With the strokes of a few keys you tried to diminish a beautiful program. You don’t get to decide who gets to be a “Chossid” or how much “Effort” or “Preparation” was put in by those in attendance. Gimmel Tammuz means something else to everyone and to those that attended this beautiful program as the extra step in honor of this day… Good for you! The Rebbe recognizes your effort. Thank you!

  • Misnagid

    Come back home to your roots Moshe rabbeinu will lead us once again with Rav shach Rav Aharon kotler moshiach now!!

    • Meir

      You know, we Jewish people are descended from the “ish tzaddik tamim” Noach and the great roshei yeshivah Shem and Ever. But we speak of ourselves as children of Avrohom, Yitzchok and Yaakov, not of Noach, Shem and Ever. Why is that?

      It’s because each of those worked on their immediate circle – Noach, himself and his family; Shem and Ever, anyone who was interested in enrolling in their yeshivah. The rest of the world out there? They could go to h—. Whereas Avrohom went all out to teach the world about Hashem and Torah.

      The parallels between those two groups, and R. Kotler and R. Shach on the one hand and our Rebbe on the other, are obvious. And that is why we look forward to being led again by our generation’s Avrohom Ovinu, not by its Noach or Shem or Ever, as great as they were.

    • מ'ליגט טיפ אין גלות

      This comment makes the point of No. 2 so very poignant, all that matters is the numbers… the PR… the “noise”…

      For Shame!

      I guess you watched a few Rebbe videos poof… this is gimmel tammuz for you… maybe you should go dance to some benny friedman and get high on the idea of unity etc… חיצוניות ממש.

      אוי די גלות איז שווער.

  • To Mr misnagid

    You are obviously not a misnagid, if you would be one would not write moshiach now which the misnagdim don’t aprove