Coral Springs Academy Joins Peers in NYC and London

by Nechama Gutman

The room was packed. Not an empty space was to be found on Sunday at the Live Tzvios Hashem Global Rally connecting Hebrew Academy in Coral Springs, FL, with 770 and London.

Tzvios Hashem@Hebrew Academy, led by the very talented Margie Denburg, has 100% participation in its program!

The music was incredible, the Psukim were said with enthusiasm, the dancing was real. Together with Eli Marcus, Chony Milecki and Benny Friedman, the absolute Chayus and energy that was generated could be felt by every participant, young and old. Even the local police were on their feet dancing with parents and students. It was incredible to be part of something so magnificent, so huge and electrifying.

Children come from Miami and Hollywood, from Coral Springs and as far North as Palm City, drive nearly 1.5 hours each way to get the best Chinuch in South Florida. Why? Ask Chana Vigler, Shlucha of West Palm Beach Gardens: “My children look forward to going to school every day. Living in Palm Beach Gardens, a desert in terms of yiddishkeit, it is unbelievable that the children are able to drive forty five minutes away and be immersed in such a wholesome, chassidishe environment. Having role models like Rabbi and Mrs. Denburg who live and breathe the school is part of what makes it such a special place to be.”

Hebrew Academy, founded in 1985 at the behest of the Rebbe, has provided South Florida with more than 30 years of incredible learning. Growing from a school set up in a living room with 4 students, to their present two-story building with nearly 400 students, their real success is a direct result of the Rebbe’s Bracha to build their school. Guided by the Rebbe’s directive that every Jewish child has a “birthright” to a true Torah education of the highest standards, they strive to inspire their students to be energized in their own Yiddishkeit and Chasisdishkeit and to become the inspiration for others.

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Photos by David Levi

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    i could not make it to the event but i watched my kids and the concert on the schools face-book live feed.


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