Chanukah Celebrations Start Early at Baltimore City Hall

As Chanukah quickly approaches, preparations are in full swing at the Baltimore City Hall.  On Wednesday, December 21st, the Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, together with City Council President Jack Young, City Comptroller Pratt, and members of the City council, welcomed City Hall’s 6-foot Menorah, which is proudly displayed in the heart of the building.

Representatives of Baltimore City Police Department and Baltimore City Fire Department also joined the celebration.

This was the third annual Menorah Lighting ceremony, organized by Baltimore City Council President Jack Young and Jewish Liason Betsy Gardner in conjunction with Baltimore Shliach Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum of Jewish Uniformed Services Association. In attendance was Rabbi Levi Druk of Chabad Downtown Baltimore and representatives of Cheder Chabad of Baltimore; Rabbi Avrohom Wolowik, Rabbi Aron Matusof, and Rabbi Yechiel Schanowitz.

Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon of Chabad of Park Heights shard a message of the Rebbe that underscored the responsibility that we all have toward our fellow human beings, and particularly the role community leaders and elected officials play in assuring that the rights of each individual are protected.

The highlight of the event was a beautiful Chanukah choir performance by the Cheder Chabad Fourth Grade boy’s class.

After the event, newly elected Councilman Yitzy Schleifer gave the Cheder boys a tour of City Hall.  He spoke to the boys about the significance and the privilege he feels being the first Frum Councilman.  He told the children how he never removes his yarmulka and proudly showed them the large Mezuzah hanging on his City Hall office door. He also explained to them the role the city council plays in writing legislation, working with state government and assuring that everyone in the city receives the services they are entitled to.

Several of the attendees at the celebration remarked how impressed they were with the children’s behavior and discipline.  A true Kiddush Hashem.

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