ULY Students Experience Halacha Hands On

At Lubavitcher Yeshiva of Crown Heights, the students not only learn halochos and Minhagim, they live it! As part of the Minhagim for Chodesh Elul, expert sofer Rabbi Levi Ladaev came down to the Yeshiva to check the Mezuzos of the 7th grade classes and to demonstrate to the talmidim what it takes to check a mezuzah.

The talmidim got an up close look, plus a real-life, hands-on training on Safrus.

The push for experiencing Halacha in real life is being led by the Menahel of the yeshiva, Rabbi Y. Simpson, whose guidance and leadership has been pushing the Yeshiva to new heights in recent years. The staff also credit Assistant Principal Rabbi B. Wilshansky, who oversees the daily activities at the Yeshiva.

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  • 1. Mon wrote:

    This is wonderful. Kudos to the yeshiva for always looking to make a great school even better.

  • 2. Sofer wrote:

    Very nice, kol hakovod!
    Howevere, to note, if this demonstration of checking the mezuzas in a classroom is to educate and give chinuch to children and to the public , then there are a few misconceptions here . There was a yechidus by the rebbe to R. Zirkind that we should not use a pen or even a golden pen to write any sta”m ,and only use a goose feather ,and that included repairs,and through out all generations its known that sofrim use feathers for all writings and repairs on sta”m, and the rebbe knew it will become a michshal and thats what he emphasized in the yechidus ,it already caused a michshal in 770 with one sefer torah that an ordinary person watching a sofer use a pen to fix a letter during krias hatorah ,so he decided the next time some letter needed repair he took out a ball point pen to fix that letter . Another issue is using a light table for repairs , the alter rebbe writes nekev leoir hashemesh is not a nekev at all , and is brought down in shulchan oruch to check from an amoh away as by krias hatorah , so a light table does a big diservice to what shulchan oruch says ,and this is what the next generation is picking up from your demonstation.


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