Boys Chidon Finalists Arrive

Flights have been booked from as far as Australia and London, and many more chayolim will be driving in from across the country: the time for the grand Chidon Shabbaton has arrived.

“I’m excited to be here,” says Mendel Fischer who flew in with a group from Cheder Menachem, California. “It’s scary though, too, because I’m representing my base, and I want to make my teachers and classmates proud.” 282 finalists will compete for the gold, silver or bronze medal, earned based on their final test scores.

“I’ve been sleeping, eating, and breathing Mishneh Torah,” says Dovid Wolowik, a 5th grade student representative of Cheder at the Ohel. Studying is important—the final test will measure an in-depth knowledge of mitzva details. “I just hope I win,” he finishes.

“We are extremely proud of the 81 children of Yaldei Hashluchim,” says rabbi Mendy Shanowitz of MyShliach. “These children live in remote cities around the world, and they have dedicated an hour a week for the past six months to learn for the Chidon in our online class. We could not be more proud to finally welcome them to Crown Heights.”

The highlight of the Chidon is Sunday’s game show. A live broadcast will be available here on

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