Oholei Torah Dedicates Gymnasium at Gala Event

A few days before Purim, hundreds of guests gathered in the newly renovated gymnasium for a premier viewing and dedication, which coincided with the Annual Gala Dinner of Oholei Torah.

At the Gymnasium Dedication, Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Executive Director, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Yossi and Batsheva Popack, for their tremendous sponsorship in re-building the Gymnasium.

Many of the guests and community members have not seen the gym in many years, and all were awed by the grandeur and high level of workmanship that was put into the project, benefiting the talmidim of Oholei Torah and the general Crown Heights Community.

This was also the first time the gym area was used for a public gathering and lavish affair, which also intrigued many of the guests.

During the dedication event, Mr. Popack was presented with a basketball signed by many of those involved with the building of the gym. Award Plaques were presented to Dr. Abe Perkal and Zalman Lezzel who worked tirelessly in the planning and execution of the construction. Special recognition was given to Mr. Yanky Sufrin was instrumental with many of the logistics of re-building the gym.

Special gifts were distributed, all customized with the recreational facility logo. They were distributed to all those involved in the construction and overseeing of this enormous project.

In a show of great appreciation a Bronze plaque was affixed to the outdoor entrance of the recreational facility, on the Eastern Parkway campus building, as well as signage throughout the recreation facility

A video presentation was prepared – and was shown at the Dinner event that followed the Gymnasium Dedication.

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