ULY Staff Shown Appreciation at Melave Malka

On Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Vayakhel, United Lubaitcher Yeshiva of Crown Heights hosted an evening of recognition and appreciation for their Rebbis, Morahs, staff and their spouses.

The event was emceed by Rabbi Y. Simpson, principal of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva. Rabbi Shmuly Turk, representing the Rebbis, delivered a heartfelt, uplifting address. Keynote speaker Rabbi Shmuel Lew, veteran Mechanech and Shliach from London, England, inspired the crowd with stories and words of Chizuk and appreciation.

Throughout the program, a professionally prepared video with clips of the Rebbe’s Sichos on Chinuch was shown. The videos were interspersed with clips of parents expressing their appreciation to their children’s Rebbis and Morahs.

The program uplifted and inspired all the Rebbis and everyone joined in for spontaneous dancing.

At the end of the event, as a token of appreciation, each staff member received a personalized, leather-bound Hagaddah. Also, a raffle was held for one $1000 debit card, and four $500 debit cards, sponsored by parents in appreciation of the Rebbis and Morahs.

The teachers were not the only ones to be inspired by Rabbi Lew. On Friday night, between Mincha and Kabolos Shabbos at the Father & Son event, the Talmidim of 7th and 8th grades, together with their fathers, enjoyed a Farbrengen with Rabbi Lew. He shared with them words of inspiration and interesting stories of his encounters with the Rebbe.

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  • 3. Shmuly G` wrote:

    Rabbi Barnett
    My first grade Rebbi in 1992.
    My best Rebbi.
    Rabbi Barnett you impacted my life in more ways that you can imagine. Your warm relationship and calm demeaner still bring back warm memories. An inspiration that guided me to choose to dedicate my life to educating our children.
    Thank you.

  • 4. beautiful wrote:

    So much appreciation for teachers……Just the way it should be

  • 7. Proud staff member wrote:

    Go Yossi L.
    An amaaaaaaazing malave Malka!!
    Kol hakovod to you !

  • 8. Proud staff member wrote:

    Yossi L .you did a superb job!!
    Kol hakovod to you !!
    We need more people like u in our administration!!!

  • 9. Hakoras Hatov wrote:

    Why don’t other Yeshivos make such events of appreciation? I was working in a Crown Heights Mosad for over 5 years and got no other feedback than criticism.

    Hakoras Hatov is the way to go. Way to go ULY!

  • 10. Amazing! wrote:

    Wow! Beautiful! Thank you to everyone at ULY, this is a much deserved event!


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