‘Seforim Case’ Lawyer Speaks to High School Girls

In honor of Hey Teves, noted attorney Nat Lewin, who served as one of the lawyers in the federal court case over ownership of the library, spoke to a crowd of Beis Rivka high school students and related some of the story as he witnessed it.

Mr. Lewin shared some details of a meeting he had with The Rebbe and how he regretted not taking notes of those meetings. “Since that meeting many Chassidim would come to me and ask for details and I have to rely on my memory of that meeting.”

He also shared some of the visible Siyata Dishmaya [divine intervention] that he saw during the case, which ultimately helped Chabad in the lawsuit.

Following his speech to the students, Mr. Lewin visited the library and exhibit hall with Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov. Escorted by Rabbi Sholom Ber Levin, the chief librarian, he was shown some of the priceless manuscripts which he helped save.

Mr. Lewin will also be speaking tonight at the central Hey Teves farbren in Beis Rivka, 470 Lefferts Ave. at 9:00pm.

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One Comment

  • 1. kol hakovod wrote:

    It was a beautiful sight to behold
    Over five hundred BRHS students listening intently as Mr Nat Lewin made history come alive
    With. Wit and humor he recounted his experiences
    As the attorney in the judicial proceedings
    Which ultimately resulted in didon netzach
    It was fascinating to heard his descriptions
    And inspiring to hear of his respect and devotion
    To the Rebbe
    In the morning we heard Rabbi Mintz
    Explain the relevancy of the day and he inspired us
    to actually read or study a safer
    We also had a Seder exchange
    What a wonderful meaningful. Inspiring day


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