Thousands Take Advantage of Subsidized Kapores

Taking advantage of subsidized Kapores, thousands took advantage of the $5 bargain thanks to the generosity of a number of philanthropists who enabled NCFJE to offer the deep discounts.

Instead of the usual Kapores location on Eastern Parkway, it took place in the parking lot of Beis Rivka instead.

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  • 1. All sold out :( wrote:

    We came by 6:00 and there were no more chickens left! Can they have the same prices tomorrow?
    Thank you !!!

  • 2. many missed it wrote:

    Turn out was so great there were not enough chickens to go around! Just shows how many people truly appreciate the opportunity to perform this minchag!
    Hope there will be enough chickens Monday night!

  • 3. What Is The Subsidy? wrote:

    Granted $5 is cheaper than the other price they charge, but when considering the chickens are all returned at the end what is there to subsidize?

    • 4. Please explain wrote:

      I don’t follow what you mean. The chickens are purchased from poultry farmers by NCFJE, and that cost is passed on to people who do kaporos along with the cost of paying the shochtim and everyone else who needs to get paid. When they are subsidized, that means that sponsors pick-up part of that tab so that kaporos can be less expensive for everyone. What do you mean that they’re “returned at the end?”

    • 5. What Is The Subsidy? wrote:

      When you go to the store kosher chicken has a price. Seemingly the only thing different about these chickens is someone paid $5 and swung it around his/her head before it was shechted. So why aren’t they MAKING $5 extra/chicken? What is left to subsidize?


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