Over 900 Participate in Massive Achdus and Learning Event

For its third year in a row, over 900 people in two of Australia’s largest cities, participated in a massive community Achdus and Torah learning event.

Imagine the sound of 900 voices learning Torah! This past Motzai Shabbos was the third annual Communal Avos Ubonim event, Achdus Through Torah 5775. In its Shnas Hachazaka, this incredible program reached new heights and greater numbers than ever before.

In Melbourne, over 750 participants packed the Werdiger Family Hall to capacity. At Nefesh in Sydney, a strong crowd of 150 fathers and boys participated. A live video hook-up joined the two groups together into one cross-border Beis Midrash in a celebration of Chizzuk HaTorah and Achdus Yisroel.

The halls quickly filled up and the buzz of hundreds of voices learning; Chumash, Mishna, Gemara and Chassidus created the most harmonious melody of limud haTorah. Black yarmulkas, knitted kippot, hats and streimels adorned the room in a glorious display of Sheves Achim Gam Yachad, learning the Torah which unites us all. The atmosphere was electric.

After almost an hour of learning Rabbi Yonason Johnson, Rosh Hakollel of Kollel Menachem Lubavitch welcomed the crowd and led the formal proceedings. Rabbi Binyomin Wurzburger, Rosh Hakollel of Kollel Beis HaTalmud shared an inspiring message on the value of each word of Torah which we learn and the tremendous Kiddush Hashem when so many Yidden come together to learn Torah.

This was followed by the awesome recital of Tehillim with 900 voices being led in unison by Rabbi Moshe Donnebaum of Heichal HaTorah, Rabbi Avrohom Perlow of Tzemach Tzedek, Sydney and Reb Adam Segal of Yesodei HaTorah. The program concluded with a grand raffle conducted by Rabbi Binyomin Fogelgarn of Shaarei Tefillah Youth, with sets of Arba Minim, Seforim and remote control cars to be won.

At the end of the night each boy received a water bottle decorated / printed with the Achdus Through Torah logo and the quote Ein Mayim Ela Torah to remember this unique evening and its message. The boys and fathers who participated, felt uplifted and inspired and took great Chizzuk from being part of this communal event.

The event received widespread endorsement from our community Rabbonim as well as the Menahalim of the local boys’ schools. Their warm and encouraging words of Divrei Bracha were printed in a souvenir booklet.

This event came together through the vision and tireless effort of a group representing the diverse Kehillos within our greater community. The objective of Achdus Through Torah is to strengthen unity between different Kehillos and to bolster the cause of Torah learning. Many local businesses and community members shared their support through volunteering and sponsorships. A big Yasher Koach goes to all those who helped to make the evening the great success that it was.

May this zechus bring Hashem’s blessings to the entire Jewish community of Australia and to all Jews throughout the world for a Kesivah Vechasimah Tovah, Leshonah Tovah Umesukah.

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