Family to Hold Shloshim for R’ Mottel Sharfstein, OBM

Rabbi Mottel Sharfstein, a long time resident of Crown Heights, will be remembered, this coming Wednesday at the Jewish Children’s Museum, for his humble demeanor, wonderful sense of humor and self effacing personality.

A friend to everyone and prized the members of his family above all else, Reb Mottel was born in the Lower East Side, to Avraham Zev and Esther Simcha Sharfstein.

Mottel was a shochet and a teacher. He possessed a phenomenal memory and had a wealth of knowledge on Chassidic and Jewish history. He loved Torah studies and  in his retirement years joined the Crown Heights Kollel for seniors and was a proud attendant of daily sessions.

Rabbi Sharfstein was one of the first students of the Lubavitch yeshiva in America in the 1940s. He liked to recount his experience of meeting the Friediker Rebbe at his arrival at the port in New York City in 1950. In his youth he and his father walked from the East Side to 770 to attend farbrengens with the Rebbe.

Presented are some photos from the love of Reb Mottel from the files of Lubavitch Archives.

Shloshim event: Wednesday, August 19th, 8:15 p.m. at the Jewish Children’s Museum.

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