Oholei Torah Students Enjoy Spring Bicycle Trip

Oholei Torah students participating in the ‘OTEG’ program enjoyed a spring biking trip to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park as a reward for completing Pesach ‘missions’.

The annual biking trip, which is part of the OTEG program of the Mechina Division of Oholei Torah, was a reward for all those students that completed their Pesach missions including learning Chitas, helping at home, Davening with a Minyan, and going on Tahalucha.

The bike ride began from 770 to prospect park with a full police escort. The students enjoyed a day as they played baseball, biked around the park and ended the trip with a barbeque.

A special thank you to the NYPD 71st Precinct for the escort and for registering our bikes, they even gave a ride to those that did not have a bike! Special thanks to Rabbi Yossi Bryski, the director of OTEG and the many Bochurim that helped out.

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  • 1. Zalmy Schapiro wrote:

    Chevra you all look so happy the question is why and you invite me :) I would have come and made the fun :) singing dancing delicious BBQ :) wow that looks so delicious :) Chevra you will look great enjoy keep up the good work :):):):):)


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