Oholei Torah Honors its Staff in Lavish Affair

After visiting the Ohel Oholei Torah kicked off its Shnas HaShishim campaign – sixty years to its founding – and their first event was a special Melava Malka for the staff and faculty members who keep the institution going.

Over 400 Oholei Torah staff members with their spouses filled the main ballrooms for a gala banquet which was held this past Motzai Shabbos in their honor. Every detail of the event, beginning with the invitations to the dinner program was geared towards saluting the important role they each play in the mossad.

“Whether a rebbe or morah, Rosh Yeshiva or Mashpia, management or PTA mother, administrator, secretary or fundraiser, we all bring nachas to the Rebbe, and together we celebrate our simchas of Shnas HaShishim as family” these were the opening words of the master of ceremonies, Rabbi Nosson Blumes, the schools director of development, and such was the feeling throughout a most uplifting evening.

The event opened with a Sicha from the Rebbe on chinuch, then followed by Rabbi Yankel Pinson, a senior member of the board of directors, who expounded on some of the many ho’oras that the Rebbe gave Oholei Torah over the years.

Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, the executive director, bentched the crowd with Birchas Kohanim, which was followed by a prepared video presentation.

A Shiur Daled Bochur from the Beis Medrash, Hatomim Shloime Sirota spoke on behalf of the talmidim, and Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan, Shliach to Medford, NJ spoke on behalf of the Alumni. A surprise beheld Rabbi Kahan, when an audio recording of his Dvar Torah, from over 25 years ago, was played as he made his way to the podium. Rabbi Levi Garelick, the keynote speaker, explained the importance of each ones unique role in the mossad, and the great zechus to be part of Oholei Torah.

So much so was the excitement and gratification of the crowds, that they spontaneously began dancing with joy of their zechus to be mechanech the Rebbe’s kinder.

A moment was dedicated to founders and pillars of the Mossad, Reb Michoel and Esther Teitelbaum and R’ Dovid and Sarah Deitsch.

The event was also initiated and sponsored by the Board. R’ Shalom Ber Rabkin, a member of the Board, spoke of the zechus to be part of the Mossad and to utilize each ones potential to their maximum for the chinuch of the talmidim.

A grand raffle was held with exciting prizes for the staff members. Winners were

Rabbi Dovid Kahanov – a jeweled wall mirror, donated by Modway furniture

R’ Naftoli Sirota – a year pass to Mikvah Meir

Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky – a framed picture of the Rebbe, donated by art770

Morah Fraidy Brown – Chana Blumes Photo family shoot

Morah Bashi Levilov – Schottenstein Shas, donated by the Schottenstein family

Esther M. Levertov – Sofa and Chair set, donated by Modway furniture

Rabbi Menachem M. Silman – KMR Banff vacation package, donated by KMRtours and Beis Shmuel-Chabad.

The event was coordinated by R’ Shlomo Galatz. Music was provided by Fitche Benshimon, and photography by Moishy Lew. Special video presentations were prepared for the event in conjunction with the JEM.

As the guests went home each one was presented with a gift bag of a personalized inscribed picture of the Rebbe, and selection of winter scarves, sponsored by Art to Frame and Spotlight Design

Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld said “Such an event is a token of appreciation for the complete devotion of our staff, I am proud of each and every one of them.”

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  • 2. Rabbi filler wrote:

    Deserves all the kovod OT can bestow upon him. My son loves to learn, loves yeshiva all because of him. Thank u oholei Torah for such a decpvoted staff!

  • 4. Rabbi Blumes wrote:

    As a Melamed in Oholei Torah, I know first hand this all was the doing of Rabbi Blumes, he even came personally!!! To my house with the invitation, and so he did to ALL the other teachers. His devotion to us is amazing, and it’s a shame he is barely mentioned in the article. Thank you Rabbi Blumes for stepping up,to the plate, and giving us and our wives such a memorable event.

  • 5. Innerperspective wrote:

    Rabbi yitzchak kahan- exemplifying a tomim- a complete person. In all he does.


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