Machon Chana Bids Farewell to Beloved ‘Dorm Mother’

Hundreds of women gathered in front of the Machon Chana dormitory on President Street to attend the Levaya of Mrs. Gittel Gansburg OBM, who served as their beloved ‘dorm mother’ for over 30 years. The Levaya then made its way to 770 en route to the beis hachayim.

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  • 1. Hindy Borenstein wrote:

    The tears don’t stop flowing. Mrs. Gansbourg was a mother to thousands of girls who today are mothers and bubbies with beautiful chassidishe families. She was a loving, understanding mom and mentor who understood how to relate to each and every one. No one ever felt offended by anything she said. She will be sorely missed. What zechusim! Who can fill her shoes? Ashrei chelko!

  • 2. Yocheved Leiba Grape wrote:

    On a few occations we spent time together, she told me some things that happened when she was a young girl, when she met the Rebbi a particular time… Such sweet stories…When I heard she had passed my tears would not stop…such a beautiful person.

  • 3. racheli wrote:

    I remember she told us about her father, Reb Folye Kahn, and being awed and stunned in silence. Her family enjoyed a personal relationship with the Friediker Rebbe and the Rebbe before he was married! (The Rebbe used to give her and her brother, Reb Yoel, candies when they were kids!)

    Thank you Mrs Gansburg for all the time you spent with us. I wish I was a better ‘daughter’ and came to visit you more often, especially before we left Crown Heights!


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