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Lag BaOmer Parade Gallery 2: Entrance 6

Lag BaOmer Parade photo gallery from the areas accessed though entrance number 6. By Shmuli Tuvel


  • 4. sad commentary wrote:

    Wow all these pictures 90% boys guess there are few girs in CH ,

  • 6. sad commentary wrote:

    5. # 1 wrote , no it just means the photographer had to get his act together and HE DID in the next Galleries ,

  • 9. and they claim they dont make money? wrote:

    how much did they pay for that guy to jump? what a waste of money

  • 10. to #1 wrote:

    : it IS common and `normal` for a (frum?) male (bachur?) photographer not to photograph woman.thanx chi.

  • 14. Binah Teitelbaum wrote:

    Avichai, I love that you are dancing to the music!! I also spy Ephraim Sacho…

  • 15. segal wrote:

    Ah, so I finally located about 4 pictures of Cheder Ohr Menachem in the entire 12-14 galleries. (My son isn’t even in any of them.) I haven’t located any shot of their marching band or float either.
    Hanistaros L’Hashem- so be it.


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