Photos: Thousands in Uman for Rosh Hashana

Photos by: Baruch Ezagui

Tens of thousands of Jews made their way to Uman in the country of Ukrain, to spend Rosh Hashana close to grave site of Rabbi Nachaman of Breslove.


  • 1. Friend of Uman Chabad wrote:

    All our invited to join Uman Rosh Hashana’s only Chabad/Nusach Ari minyan. Run by Rabbi Dr. Binyomin Nemon for over 5 years now. Shiur in Chabad Chassidus before shacharis every morning.

    Donations to help cover expenses of the Minyan are welcome.
    Dr. Binyomin Nemon
    580 Crown Street #611
    Brooklyn, NY 11213

  • 4. CMA wrote:

    What was MBD and the Piamentas doing in Uman?

    Love the pics! BH for all the passion in Yiddishkeit!

  • 8. NoYechi770Jerusalem wrote:

    Maybe the Na Nachs & the Yechi yodelers will merge & leave all the normal people alone.
    The Na Nachs are to Breslov what the Yechi yodelers are to us…MISHUGOIM CLOR & POSHUT!!!!!!

  • 9. Dr. Binyomin Nemon wrote:

    Actually, this was the 7th year of Chabad Minyan (now under auspices of Rabbi Dov Axelrod, Shliach in Cherkassy). And shiurim in Chassidus were before EVERY tefilah. 1st day Rosh Hashonah attendance (shacharis) over 220, 2nd day Rosh Haashonah 200, Shabbos 150. Incredibly Lebadig!! The good will was overflowing. So many people here were amazed and attracted.

  • 10. Binyomin Nemon wrote:

    Actually, this was he 7th year of the Chabad Minyan (presently under the auspices of Rabbi Dov Axelrod, Chabad of Cherkassy). Also Chassidus (maimorim) was “gehazert” by every tefilah. Attendance: 1st day Rosh Hashonah- (counted at shacharis) over 220, 2nd day R.H.- approx 200, Shabbos Shuvah Shacharis- approx 150, Shabbos Mincha- approx 50, Seder Nigunim and Ma’ariv- 25.

    Fantastic Lebedigkieit, the good will was incredible with so many people were surprised and happy to see us (and participate), and want more. We were able to create a wonderful Dira beTachtoinim far unzer Rebbe, in Uman.

  • 11. TO # 6 wrote:

    I think it’s an excellent idea. However, after an intelligent conversation with both sides, it became clear to me that it won’t work. The reason is, that the Yechiniks believe that the Breslevers are way to lefties…..

  • 12. Milhouse wrote:

    #5, I assume that the Lubavs are there to spread the ma’yonos, especially to those who aren’t really Breslavers but are there for the “experience”.

    Not that Lubavitch has ever had anything against Breslav; on the contrary, while other chasidusn were rodef them, we always had good relations with them. The Mitteler Rebbe even made a shiduch with R Nachman. But you’re right that a Lubavitcher chosid has nothing to find there, except for the “yerid”.

  • 13. Brezy wrote:

    To no 11: You are right. Unless he is there on shlichus, a L chasid has nothing to find in Uman, and is there for the yarid. But just look at the pictures. It seems that many of the non-L and non-chasidim are also there just for the yarid. Lots of fun.


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