Photos: Montreal Summer Beauty

Montreal photographer Menachem Serraf set out to capture the summer beauty of his neighborhood.

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Menachem is a portraiture photographer, specializing in family and children’s portraits, as well as weddings and Bar-Mitzvahs. Menachem has an up-to-date modern style. His approach to photography is to have a great time with stunning results. To see some of Menachem’s work visit or follow him on facebook.


  • 3. Chani wrote:

    the one of the bird (looks like a wood pecker?) spreading its wings is amazing!

    but most of them are really really good.


  • 5. montrealer wrote:

    wow buteful i hope u make a parnasah caz your just amaizing and very esy 2 work with talking from expariance ill the pics i have from him r jst buteful

  • 6. sara lipsh wrote:

    Menachem! Wow
    Love your stuff!

    I checked ur site. Ur incredible. When you moving to NY?

  • 7. Wow wrote:

    Montreal never looked so good. Maybe ill look fwd to visiting the inlaws… naa! but nice pics MS

  • 8. happy with service wrote:

    Menachem is the best photographer: talented, mentchlich, and prof.

  • 10. summer beauty ?????? wrote:

    that’s Wat you call summer beauty

    come to California for real summer beauty

  • 13. To 10 and 11 wrote:

    The lesson is not the beauty, it is to see beauty and good even in places you’re don’t expect it.

  • 14. former montreal=er wrote:

    As a former montreal-er I have to admit Menachem wow stunning pics , but I still dont miss canada,quebec,Montreal, spent 11 years there and dont even plan to come back and visit

  • 15. a montrealer wrote:

    i see my sukkah in front of my house it is not exactly summer there

  • 16. montrealer wrote:

    wow Montreal
    anyway one of the picture’s is of my friend’s house and 2 others are my school (beis rivkah)

  • 17. montrealer wrote:

    goooooooooooo leah’s house! menachem, STUNNING! my window in school!


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