Photos: Unique and Smelly Menorah!

The Chanukah Auction hosted by Yeshiva Darchai Menachem is only days away, and students in Crown Heights are working hard to earn first place in the annual menorah competition. The unique menorah creations this year promise to outdo the many varieties of those entered in previous years.

One menorah to be submitted is one made completely of fish. Student Zalman L.’s original creation is currently in his father’s storefront, receiving much positive feedback.

Another student, Mendy H., took pictures of many menorahs publicly displayed throughout the Crown Heights neighborhood, arranging them into a beautiful, multicolored collage forming the initials of our school, Yeshiva Darchai Menachem (YDM).

Come participate in this year’s auction at Yeshiva Darchai Menachem! These two unique works of art, and many more will be on display. Support this incredible organization by purchasing tickets in the annual Chanukah Auction and vote for your favorite menorah to win!

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