Photos: Kinus Hashluchim 5770 Gets Underway

Shluchim from around the world descended on Crown Heights for the 26th annual worldwide Kinus Hashluchim.


  • 1. G.M wrote:

    Shneiur Najar is the most incredible person. As a Merkos Shlichus coordinator he listens patiently to rookie Shluchim, as if they were head Shluchim, trying to accommodate them…

    During the Kinus, despite the immense and impossible pressures, he deals with everyone “Bsever Ponim Yofos…”

    Mamash a special mentch

  • 3. future rabbis. room 201 wrote:

    Sholom Katz,
    Looks like you’re in the business for a while :-)
    It looks good…

  • 4. Moshe Ash wrote:

    Good work Rabbi Shimi Ash. Your making us proud. Your number one fan down under Your baby brother Moshe.

  • 5. A long time friend and classmate wrote:

    Hey Aaron
    Nice to c you here looking all hot with ur tie
    I hope you find some good Mizonos while ur here to take home with you.

  • 7. Nice wrote:

    Gorgeous pictures.
    Spiffy technology.
    Sharp-looking Shluchim.
    The world is a much better place.

  • 9. Singapore wrote:

    Rabbi abergel we’ll miss you on Shabbat, i guess Morris let you out of his pocket. Enjoy yourself in our town, regards from the Boys and Eliav. Shabbat Shalom.

  • 11. my favorite picture wrote:

    all these pics are beautiful, and they all make me proud to be a lubav. but one pic resonates for me, and it’s the one of the shliach and the sofer kind of mushed together in a happy hug. the shliach is wearing a grey and black scarf and has on a big silver watch. (the pic is right above the photo of the not-yet-filled-in letters.) these two look so happy, and the picture radiates so much ahavas yisroel, it makes me want to print it and hang it up, even though i have no idea who they are. (and if anybody DOES know who those two are, please post!)

  • 14. A Crown Heightser wrote:

    These pictures show us figuratively and literally that “Chassidim Ein Mishpocha”.

  • 15. Ruth (NOT the only Jew in Oceanside!) wrote:

    Shout out to Rabbi Greenberg of Oceanside CA–I think you’re in there somewhere!!!

    Have a great time in CH and come back with all kinds of new ideas and activities for us.




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