Photo Gallery: Shluchim Arriving in Crown Heights for Kinus


  • 1. close to the north pole wrote:

    hinei ma tov umanayim sheves achim gam yachad!
    it still looks very relaxed before the rest of the shluchim come in, and hopefully it should be realaxed for the whole time during the kinnus. please keep posting pictures because we love seeing it!!

  • 2. for security wrote:

    for what reason are they now going crazy over security ? (not thet i mind)

  • 7. he gets his picture everywhere! wrote:

    Since when did Chanina have anything to do with the Shluchim? Oh, maybe the Tsfatim, but not the “real” Shluchim, the ones that make the Rebbe proud.

  • 8. Welcome Shluchim wrote:

    Dear Shluchim: Just remember when you are going door to door collecting that we the residents of Crown Heights are in the midst of the same recession as you. Tonight 2 of you came to my door and my daughter was nice enough to accomodate you without even asking me. You had the chutzpah to tell her that there were 2 of you and it wasn’t enough!!! I heard this conversation from the back of the house and couldn’t believe I heard right, especially when she told me these were shluchim! I was shocked!! This is how you teach kids derech eretz,etc. etc. CH is not the place to go collecting. Please save your tactics for your balabatim! Thank you.

  • 10. fun wrote:

    In respond to “welcome shiuchim wrote” I am remindid of the story about a preist once goes over to the rabbi of the comunity and tells him that there have bin lots of brakeins to homes here in our comunity and he relized that non of the jewish homes had that prob. B”H so he asked the rabbi why is that so the rabbi told him that we have a mezuzoh on our door-post so g-d protects us from such things so the preist asked if he can have a mezuzoh so the rabbi gave him a mezuzoh, 2 weeks later the preist came back to the rabbi and gives him back the mezuzoh and he said to the rabbi I DONT WANT THIS MEZUZOH so the rabbi asked why did it not work for you so he ansewerd ever since i put the mezuzoh up i have meshulachim coming to door evrey 2 hours.

  • 13. Welcome Shluchim wrote:

    To fun: so should I take down my mezuzah until after the shluchim leave?

  • 14. to fun, and shimon kohan wrote:


    for fun: love the joke. Be sure I”ll use it in one of the speeches in the beis Chabad

    To Shimon: Capooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 15. fun wrote:

    To welcome shluchim wrote. g-d forbid to taking off the mezuzos. may HKB”H bless you that you should be able to give lots and lots of money to evry person that asks you.


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