Shula Swerdlov Torah Writing Commencement

Family and Friends of Shula Swerdlov a”h gathered on Tuesday, October 27th, the day after shivah, to initiate the start of a new Sefer Torah in her honor. The completion of writing the Torah is scheduled to coincide with the first yartzeit. The Swerdlov family welcomes their extended family and friends to join them in the Mitzvah of writing a Torah.

To participate and honor Shula’s memory, go to

May Shula’s soul be an everlasting, eternal source of comfort and strength – just as the Torah itself – for us all.


  • 1. we will miss your smile shula! wrote:

    Ilook forward to sharing in this beautiful mitzvah. Thank u for giving us the opportunity to share in giving shulas neshoma an aliyah!
    Moshiach should be here before the conclusion of the torah!!!

  • 2. Mark Barish wrote:

    Please let me know how I can buy a letter in the new Sefer Torah,in beloved memory of Shula.A”H I was a guest of the Rabbi & Mrs. Swerdlov, for a lovely Shabbat meal at Tzemach Tzedek Synagogue in Jerusalem & my youngest son was called to the Torah, as a Bar-Mitzvah. I have continued to stay in contact with Rabbi Yossie; since I returned from Israel in July to Boston..

    I am deeply sadden in their loss.

  • 3. careful wrote:

    just watched a video of the Rebbe, saw Hindel the mother passing by the Rebbe… may all the brochos be mekuyam and may we be reunited with all our loved ones speedily.


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