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Op-Ed: A letter To The Mayor

Dear Mayor de Blasio.

I read about your plans to “defund the NYPD” by diverting police funds to youth programs, and I know just where you should start from, the mayoral security detail.

You known those NYPD officers tasked with protecting you? The ones that whisk you around the city with their lights and sirens blazing? The ones that keep you disconnected and protected from the city you swore to serve?
Let them go. That ought to free up some money you can use for the city’s youth.

That way you can also experience what it’s like to drive around the city under all the new traffic laws you imposed on the city’s citizens, other then yourself.

You could experience what it’s like to have to call 911 if you suddenly find yourself in some kind of danger and require the services of the police. It will give you much needed insight into the ramifications of decision you make every day that effect all of us, except yourself.

So please follow your conscience Mr. Mayor, defund the NYPD, but for once, start with yourself.

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