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Op-Ed: From a Teacher and Parent

We are now in a time when every teacher is now simultaneously a stay-at-home parent and every parent is now simultaneously a home-school teacher.

Speaking for myself, I can say that this situation has thrown me into the deep-end. I thought I knew how to teach, now I suddenly needed to gain a whole new set of online-teaching skills. I thought I knew how to parent, now I suddenly find myself counselor, head-counselor and learning teacher in my home camp.

It can be overwhelming, but as teachers and parents, there is no break from our Shlichus in Chinuch. Every Melamed (and now every parent) is an essential worker in the Shlichus of Chinuch.

But behind every successful Melamed stands a successful Moisad. I would like to express my Hakoras Hatov to the Menahalim and administration of my Yeshiva, United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Street, as well as all Yeshivos respectively, for their immediate help they have given us Melamdim.

Starting from the instant response of all the Crown Heights Yeshivos collaboratively creating the CHYeshiva website in record time to ensure no down time in Limmud Hatorah (with a specific Hakoras Hatov to United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Street for sponsoring the costly project), to the advice and guidance from the Menahalim and fellow Melamdim in how to transition to online teaching.

I want to make special mention of a show of care that lifted me, and really gave me a boost in feeling how Avodas HaChinuch is essential. I can’t say that I wasn’t worried about what would happen to my paycheck. It’s obvious that the Yeshiva will have a harder time collecting tuition and having the funds to keep payroll running on schedule.

I felt greatly indebted when Lubavitcher Yeshiva announced that all payroll checks will be mailed out ahead of time so that they arrive in our mailbox at home on time for the first payroll in isolation.

If that wasn’t good enough, this week Lubavitcher Yeshiva announced that in consideration of Pesach expenses, they will pull back the next payroll date to the beginning of this week so that everyone can receive their paycheck early, ahead of Pesach expenses.

To top it all off, when looking at the early payroll, I was pleasantly surprised to find a significant monetary Pesach bonus, along with a beautiful letter of appreciation.

And from my friends in other Mosdos I’m hearing similar reports. The strong and caring backing of a Moisad is the true success behind every individual Rebbi and Morah being able to fulfill their Shlichus in Chinuch.

With that, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and Hakoras Hatov to all the care and backing that I am witnessing firsthand in my Yeshiva, Lubavitcher Yeshiva, and I’m sure I am speaking as well on behalf of all Rebbis and Morahs who are all being supported by their Mosdos as well.

May Hashem as well provide for us so graciously B’tov Hanireh V’hanigleh in everything that we need, health, Parnasa, Nachas, and ultimately bring us Moshiach now!

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