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Op-Ed: Define Shlichus

by Anonymous

The Question often asked is: Do I need to go on Shlichus? And if not does that make me less of a Chosid?

This, in my opinion, is by far the most needed discussion in Lubavitch today.

Why is that? Simply because it splits up a family, a very large family. Us, the Rebbe’s Chassidim.

Before I attempt to answer this question in detail, Here is a Short background:

In the early years the Rebbe started the “Uforatzto” campaign, the focus was simply on bringing Jews back to their roots, spreading Yidishkeit and bringing Moshiach. This was before the idea of “Mivtzom” existed, and someone who did these activities was doing an “Uforatzto”.

At the same time, these were the early days of Shlichus. Most Shluchim were sent from the time of the Frierdiker Rebbe, and a select few had the merit of being chosen for the job by the Rebbe himself. At the time Shlichus was a Zechus.

The majority of Anash were living in Crown Heights, and when these Sichas were said, no matter how big or small the Chosid, evrey single person felt an Achryus to carry out the Rebbe’s wish. It was who they were as Chassdim. There was a strong sense of real Bittul involved.

During these years, the Rebbe would deliver the now famous sichas about going out of your comfort zone wherever you are needed for this great mission.

As time went on, and generations shifted, the Chassidim started internalizing the Rebbe’s vision of turning over the world. With complete sense of giving themselves over, the idea of Shlichus grew. The Zechus to bear the title “Shliach of The Rebbe” became more common. meanwhile; a real problem started to grow in Crown Heights.

And here it is: Chassdim started to feel that when the Rebbe spoke about Shlichus or Mivtzom (the new names for Uforatzto,) the Rebbe was speaking exclusively to the Shluchim. in other words, that the Bittul required to carry out the Rebbe’s wishes was given over from the Community to the Shluchim, as the people who do it for a living.

With this in mind here is my answer:

The answer is Yes, a Chosid MUST go on Shlichus, but first he must define it.

The definition of Shlichus is NOT to live in some exotic city in Japan. The definition of Shlichus is to feel that above mentioned Achryus to be completely given over to do what the Rebbe wants and fulfill his goal. To feel this way because it is who we are, and that this is your personal job. This means by extension, that shlichus is to being READY to live in some exotic city in Japan, (which on till today still remains a very big Zechus.) Yet the main thing is to feel it in Crown Heights or wherever else a Chosid finds himself in the world, because the primary focus is to be completely given over to get the job done.

And as the Rebbe explained Shabbos Parshas Shmini 5718, that even if for some reason you find yourself living in Crown Heights, it is not an excuse to be inactive, you have to do what is needed from you!

In short: A Shliach is a Chosid, and a Chosid is a Shliach. It is one thing.

We really have to internalize this, and fulfill our collective Shlichus together as true Chassdim of the Rebbe. Through this we will be Zoiche Taikef U’miyad Mamosh to be reunited with our Rebbe and Moshiach Now!

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  • 2. with the old breed wrote:

    I think there needs to be a new vision for the future as all the places like Japan are filled up. Working/Shichus. Yeah, there are so many places in NYC alone that are open to so much. Start slow and build up. The other great void that need to be addressed is our Education system or lack of. There needs to be a Teachers educational line for the future. It is very interesting when people think that what we have was always that way. A lot of what we have was set up with the hopes that as time, money and people increased more would be put into all of these things. I hope and prey we are all up to the challenge ahead.
    thank you

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    There is one Rebbe, one Tzaddik, and many individual chasidim ( not tzadikim) no matter whether your on in Japan or CH. Every chossid from every family background matters. The Rebbe had one shlichus for us left to be mekabel pnei Moshiach Tzidkenu. The question we need to ask is how has it come to 25 years and we are still here in golus.

    We need to come back to the table and ask ourselves are we on shlichus are we Chassidim? or are we enjoying the scenery in CH or Japan. Are we fighting the one and only war we as Chassidim and shluchim should be collectively fighting, which is to bring Moshiach bepoil Mammesh!

  • 4. Excellent wrote:

    Thank you very much for posting this. I live in CH and open my house to lots of guests for Tishrei. This is by no means trouble free because every year without fail we have some kind of incident. None the less, the pros( i hope) outweigh the cons.

  • 6. Boruch wrote:

    As a shliach myself, The gist is refreshing. Every chossid who does what he can to bring Hashem and the Rebbe Nachas, by preparing the world for Moshiach is a shliach. Perhaps not in the sefer Hashluchim sense but the Rebbe didn’t create shlichus to create societal classes. Any class discord is a byproduct of our own shortcomings as human beings with insecurities, inadequate sensitivity, etc. May we indeed feel as one big family of Chassidim, regardless of being an official shliach or otherwise

  • 7. chaim wrote:

    Your article is nice but let’s be practical Judaica World can’t give everyone 10%off.

  • 9. Chana wrote:

    Being a Shliach (or not ) is dependent on your actions, your behavior and the standards that you keep. There are many people nowadays who consider themselves (and are “officially” considered) shluchim/shluchos who are NOT in practice and vice versa.

    Only when you live and behave as aa humble and בטול messenger of the משלח are you a shliach. The Rebbe himself.made this abundantly clear more than once

    • 12. Michoel wrote:

      That’s not shluchim, that’s misnagdim who dont like an ‘Am Haaretz’. Sadly in every circle you have bigots and elitism, hopefully it’s only a minority.

  • 13. Anonymous wrote:

    “Why do shluchim view us Crown Heightsers as farmers?”

    Because we feed them..

  • 14. Moishe wrote:

    I fully understand the writers intent. You don’t have to be a shliach in Japan to be a Chosid of the Rebbe and do the Rebbe’s “work” and wishes
    Although I am a shloach in a relatively small city, I do know of many fine chassidim (both genders) who are true “shluchim “ of the Rebbe In large cities like CH etc. they do amazing things. Go on Mictzoim host guests etc
    A Lubavitcher Chosid is one who spreads the light of chassidua and is mekarev other yidden etc
    I truly believe the above
    In all fairness, let’s be honest
    The Rebbe wanted his chassidim to go on Shlichus
    He wanted to illuminate the entire world with his light
    He truly appreciated and gave special attention to those shluchim who left the comforts of home and chose to live in a spiritually desolate place and do what shluchim do
    In time many of these difficult locations blossomed and turned into a true oasis with all the comforts of home
    But the journey wasnt always easy

    If I had to add to the article I would say that a great potential would be , that now that most of the world is populated with shluchim
    the second “generation “ of chassidim would do a great service to move out to many of these remote or relatively remote locations and join the pioneers
    Even as “non” official shluchim dwelling in the business world
    It would be rewarding for both

    Yes, I know it works both ways and sometimes it’s not always a welcoming situation but there is plenty opportunities


  • 15. Ch'er wrote:

    Shluchim were hand picked by the Rebbe.
    They were held to a higher standard.
    You didn’t become a shaliach because your grandfather, uncle, mother’s 3rd cousin etc was a shaliach.
    Or because you could bring $100k with you.
    You were a frum, erlich Yid
    Your wife wore a full sheital, covered her knees and elbow, was an expert in kashrus and how to maintain a kosher home.
    And kids in ch had the Rebbe physically to guide them.
    Today none of the above applies.
    People will go to mars or the moon on shlichus, but where is the official shaliach of ch? Were is the dedicated young man who will reach out to our disenfranchised youth before they fall into the depths of drugs, alcohol, and improper intermingling?
    Yes, many Shlchim and shluchot are of the original breed.
    Some (as seen on micdrop?) fall far from being frum, let alone chasidic (going above and beyond what is required of a yid).
    What happened to the standards the Rebbe set?
    What happened to bringing a Yid up to the Torah, but never lowering the Torah to a Yid?

    Yes everyone should be a shaliach.

    But you need to live up to the high standards set by our Rebbe
    And you can’t neglect the children in your own community as you seek fame and fortune.
    Let’s all make our Rebbe proud, and bring the immediate geula with !n’eNow!

    • 16. Anonymous wrote:

      You’re dreaming and seriously misinformed if you think all shluchim were like you portrayed
      You’re out of touch

      Re CH and the youth-
      CH is a dysfunctional community with the disgusting infighting etc
      Let the community hire professionals to deal with those issues
      Don’t throw everything to “ shluchim”


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