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Op-Ed: Opportunities in Political In-Correctness

by Aliza Bas Menachem

When Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Republican National Convention, I thought he was about to call for a Moment of Silence in our schools.

He spoke about education in America. And how it is failing the younger generation. And then he spoke about G-d. And how G-d has been taken out of our lives. Oh how I wish he had said… so let’s bring G-d back by starting our school days with a Moment of Silence. But he didn’t. But he might… I really think Dr. Ben Carson should be approached about Moment of Silence.

And once we are at it, there are others who might be willing to listen at this time.

But let me go back to Carson’s speech. He opened by saying that he had one very important thing to say. “I am not politically correct. I hate political correctness.” When he said these lines, the crowd cheered! When he said our currency has these words, and he started to recite, “In G-d We Trust.” He was joined by thousands of voices saying the words with him.

It is political correctness, and those Carson referred to as secular progressives, that get in the way of a Moment of Silence in schools. With the enthusiasm that is building to reject political correctness, now is a good time to accelerate efforts to bring the Moment of Silence into schools.

Another campaign to re-ignite is the Rebbe’s call for larger families. Just the appearance of Mr. Trump with his four grown children, shows the true wealth of a family. And when Mrs. Trump and the youngest brother join the group, and occasionally some grandchildren join the picture, it shows that Trump is more than just a real estate magnate. His true wealth is his family. The message comes through intrinsically.

Another reason that Americans are ready to hear about giving their children more siblings, is demographics. Currently, there are groups in America who are having lots of children. With time, those groups could become the majority of the population.

Industrious, competent families – ones who cherish American values with freedoms to pursue happiness – are not the ones reproducing at a high rate. Their low reproduction rates are putting American values at risk. Their own one or two children need more siblings, if parents want their children to have an American lifestyle as we know it.

Add my arguments above to the reasons the Rebbe teaches us about having more children, and we may be able to ignite a movement. It’s worth a try.

During one of his shows, Fox Newscaster Sean Hannity was figuring out what percentage of which segment of the population had to turn out on Election Day for Trump to win. He might be someone who is open to speaking about growing the segment of the population that share his conservative values.

Speaking of conservative values. Mrs. Melania Trump was on stage twice during the convention. For both appearances her dresses covered her collar bone, elbows and knees and the dresses were not tight.

Dr. Ben Carson, Sean Hannity, Senator Michael Pence, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Melania Trump and more… can be approached about Moment of Silence and Family Values. The names above are in addition to local representatives.

Now is an opportune time for the Politically In-correct to feel new energy, to double down, to Make America American Again, and do what has to be done, to bring Moshiach Now!


  • Trump's family values??? You've got to be kidding!

    Just the appearance of Mr. Trump with his four grown children… shows that Trump is more than just a real estate magnate. His true wealth is his family.

    Do you mean the four children he had from his 3 Wives?
    The only reason he has so many children is because every time he “Upgraded” to a new wife, the new gold-digging wife wanted a child who would help her get child-support money when trump would eventually divorce her.

  • Israel

    Giuliani,gongrich, and trump are the last people to speak abt ‘family’ values. והמבין יהין

  • Rivky

    Sadly frum Ivanka was not dressed tzniusly.
    I wouldn’t applaud Melania for her dress code-she’s a model. Remember?

  • Yisroel

    This might be the most important article ever written for anyone who wants their children and grandchildren to grow up in an America which is a First World Country. Anybody who reads it should get involved in a “Social Media Chain Letter.” Copy the article or the link and send it to ten people. Ask each of them to send it to ten more people, etc. Let’s see hoe long it will take to reach several hundred million people.

  • Andrea Schonberger

    Trump does not epitomize family values. He’s an adulterer, plain and simple. Melania Trump is the third Mrs. Trump and hopefully she’ll be the last if only for the sake of their child. Trump has five children from three wives and has a habit of getting a replacement when the current one is getting too old and putting a damper on his image as a swinging dude–Giuliani and Gingrich are guilty of this too. His family life is not an example to follow and putting his name in league with the Rebbe, OBM, is reprehensible.

    • Challenges

      Trump has had good times and bad. He has over come obstacles and obstacles have over come him.
      At this stage in his life he seems to have settled down. No need to bring up his past relationships unless you are considering him for a Shidduch.
      What he does stand for is being an amazing father to his children.
      Crown Heights is a lot safer than it was in pre-Giuliani days. Why discount his achievements because of his personal life?
      Do you also hold hostility towards Bibi Netanyahu – also in a third marriage?

  • Trump

    i know people married once, they go to shul 3 times a day learn chsidus etc with kids “Ashem Yishmor”.

    D Trump kids are not doing drugs or on the streets of C”H doing nothing.

    so it dosnt have nothing to do with the parents being frum or not u can be the biggest and have the lowest just like Tanya teach us.

    Today You need Chutzpa in order to win over evil and this is what D Trump brings to the table.

  • speculation

    Interesting point about the 3 wives.
    Netanyahu’s wife is his third wife.
    Trump, Gingrich and Giuliani are married to their third wives. While Clinton chooses not to divorce and re-marry. I am not going to say what he does.

    When the children turn out to be industrious, productive and respectful. I think it says a lot.

    Trump is not perfect. Maybe the people who are upset about his three wives are perfect. But most of us have our shortcomings. So we can accept that Trump did the lawful thing by divorcing and re-marrying, while making sure his divorced wife and children are well taken care of.

  • The proof is in the puddings etc. but in another sense, he epitomiz

    It’s a mixed bag. In one sense DJT’s family values are weak obviously. However, it’s hard to judge a socialite with billions of dollars. He always wants best and upgrade etc. But in another sense he epitomizes values. He doesn’t drink, smoke, tolerate laziness etc. and that you can see on his children. People admire that his children who could have so easily became like Paris Hilton or Kardashians, haven’t, and rather demonstrate an incredible compass. So though we know Trump’s one weakness, overall he imparted great values to his children. By the fruit you know the tree.

  • Malkie

    Frum Ivanka? Who says she’s frum? “Sadly frum Ivanka wasn’t dressed tzniusly” do you realize the hypocrisy in that statement? Unless she professes to be Chabad Lite™ how can she be frum? And she too is a model.

    • To Malkie the Judge

      Ivanka does not profess to be Chabad Lite. She is part of the Jewish nation who identify as Modern Orthodox. And sadly, her mode of dress is in keeping with their mode of dress.

  • Moment of Silence

    The article was about a Moment of Silence and about increasing family size. Two campaigns dear to Our Rebbe. The Trump family was used as an example to show that now the time is right to follow through on the Rebbe’s campaigns. But all people want to talk about is Trump. Maybe people need to take a moment of silence in their own heads. If they would stop their hostile chatter long enough to hear the Rebbe’s words and answer the Rebbe’s call, they might find peace within themselves. Doing what the Rebbe asked us to do brings peace to us as well as to the target of our efforts.

  • moshe pipick

    firstly trump has five children: donald jr., ivanka, eric, tiffany, and baron.
    secondly the author of the article seems to be saying that conservatives draw their values from the rebbe. quite frankly, thats absurd! granted they share opinions, but the conservative party always was anti-abortion, pro large families, and encourages g-d to be discussed in schools. it’s literally every religions agenda! (of course, the rebbe has the strongest influence on this imperative) it seems like the author has never watched the rnc until this year.
    the issue with this “chasiddish perspective” is that it weakens the rebbes calls, and makes us look brainwashed. imagine a person deciding whether to become frum read this? he would think that we’re an official propaganda organisation.
    but, nevertheless trump is hilarious and cool.

  • Strongly disagree

    You are wrong. We must not learn lessons from these bigoted, misogynistic and hypocritical public figures. Torah values are not the same as tea party ‘values’. And it is very irresponsible to push for larger families when we all know so many large and medium sized families that are struggling financially, emotionally and religiously.