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Letter: Principal Went Above and Beyond

A Crown Heights mother wrote the following op-ed to, expressing her gratitude to her son’s principal, who made sure that the boys who went to school on Sunday instead of the Kosher Day fair did not feel left out:

It’s always been a struggle, and yet again, today my heart was pounding while awaiting my son’s return home from school. But, it took a sweet twist thanks to a devoted mechanech with a little foresight.

Like other years, Tzivos Hashem organizes a fabulous Kosher Fest, where kids celebrate their eating kosher while enjoying treats and more. While my younger children are out of school in time, my older son is not. The complaint: “other boy’s tattys take them out of school, why do i need to stay in class learning?“ “Are you the only boy left in school…?” My child will laugh… “But…”

Those two parents in a grade who spend their “Tatty & Me‘” quality time on the others expense… Should the school shut down forthe kosherfest?? It’s been hard in the past, I’ve learnt to keep smiling and save something (non-perishable) for him.

As mentioned, this year was different. Today after school, he came with full hands…candies, treats, a flashlight, all the works…

My principal came into class and announced: we don’t stop children learning even for building the Beis Hamkidash! But you boys who stay in yeshiva to learn are the ones who really deserve… So I drove to the fair and asked the booth owners: can my boys get some prizes too?

They answered: “We really want a part in their Limud HaTorah! Please take souvenirs and give the Talmidim after learning.” Each boy came to principal’s office to choose a sticker and Nosh.

I’m sharing this experience for 2 reasons, 1. To spread the concept of true chinuch. To thank the stores who took part in this special tzedokah – strengthening limud hatorah and obviously my son’s principal. 2. To raise awareness of being conscious to others investment in chinuch. Just spend 5 dollars on ice cream and take your son out for a talk at night, please be sensitive and don’t give your son tools to brag that he went in school time.

Thanks again,

A Yiddishe Mame



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