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Men and Women Teachers Conference Annouced

The annual Kinus HaMechanchim will be held on Monday 25 Tammuz, July 16th and Tuesday 26 Tammuz. July 17th. This announcement came today from the Merkos Chinuch Office. The Kinus will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Danbury CT, I hour 15 min Brooklyn. The women’s Kinus will be held at the DOLCE, Norwalk on 12-13 Tammuz, July 2nd and 3rd.

The theme around which most of presentations evolve will be “Educating Through the Eyes and Hearts of the Student”. This theme will include presentations on a number of sub-themes as well as approaches to classroom management, all leading to the same point: How to teach with the kids and their needs uppermost on the teachers mind. Both the men’s and women’s the Kinusim have concentrated on the same theme in the last few years, so that all children in all schools will experience similar developments in their education.

The men’s and women’s Kinusim are attended by hundreds of educators and have proven to be a precursor of professional development programs of the next academic year. The women’s Kinus features a separate section of lectures and workshops geared to early childhood.

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