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Mayor Pledges Additional $750K to Fight Rats

New York City’s mayor is doubling down on the war on rats, pledging three-quarters of a million dollars to fight the scourge.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement Thursday at a park in the Upper West Side. Parents have complained that rats have taken over parks in the area, with some residents saying the animals have attempted to jump into their children’s strollers.

The additional $750,000 in funding comes after de Blasio rolled out $32 million for a Neighborhood Rat Reduction plan earlier this year.


  • 2. just another jew wrote:

    OMG …… So, now, $750,000. is a large sum of money!? In some places, that amount is petty cash. in my opinion, you can not control the rat population.

  • 4. The kangeroo wrote:

    What is the problem? All the Mayor has to do is tell them to leave the party is over.

  • 5. str wrote:

    there are many buildings which are paying off their supers to overlook violations.

  • 6. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    clean the streets–no food trash on streets will help to turn away the rat population and violation fines for buildings that are not kept clean and free of trash Under his honor the streets are a mess which attracts the rats and mice


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