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Cop’s Brazen Lie Caught on Video

from Yeshiva World News:

The video below speaks for itself.

A Chasidic man driving in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was issued a ticket for going through a red light on Tuesday. The only problem is – the vehicle thankfully had a dashcam which proves that no red light was passed.

The police officer from the NYPD’s 90 Precinct stopped the vehicle and begins by asking the driver if he is in a rush. The driver asks the officer why he was stopped to which the officer replies “if you had to take a guess, take a guess”. The driver says he has no idea why. The officer responds by saying “how long have you been driving”, and then tells the driver that he blew past a red light. The stunned driver then says I went through a red light? I can check it on my camera. The officer quickly snaps back “what does a camera have to do with anything?” The officer then proceeded to write the innocent driver a summons.

Dashcams are inexpensive and drivers should have them installed to prevent incidents like this as well as in case of motor vehicle accidents.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    This is poshud messed up i hope the NYPD hears about this

  • 2. Sick wrote:

    But it will be dismissed.

    Not every cop is a good one.

    This is pure quotas

  • 3. An outrage! wrote:

    Disgusting, and his career should now be over for good. Cops like this, will keep doing this, and gives the honest ones a bad name. Done! Forever!

    • 6. Not so innocent wrote:

      Me too. The middle light is tellow when we see it and was probably red by the time the driver clearly speeds up into that turn. His speed went from 10mph to 17mph in a flash. I only do that when I try to squeeze by a yellow light….

    • 7. Facts Please wrote:

      The light was clearly green you need to get your eyes examined

    • 8. Wrong! wrote:

      I watched and replayed and stopped it several times, and although you can’t tell what color it is as he gets real close, 2 things stick out.
      1) It was green until then, so even if it was a yellow, at the time of crossing, he still was in the right to continue.
      2) The next intersection light only a few feet away remained green throughout, which could indicate (one can go now and check the timing of those lights) that the lights are staggered, especially in such close proximity of each other, and that alone, would prove it was green.

  • 13. gimme a break wrote:

    why would the cop answer him the way he did?
    why did he have to ask him to take a guess?
    Cause the cop had not yet figured out what he was going to ticket him for..
    why did he have a discussion with him regarding his years of driving???

  • 14. mendoza wrote:

    his left turn was ok
    but his right turn was red
    driver is wrong
    look at the video at 0.51
    u cant see it so well from this video
    i watched it 3 x
    but the cop was nasty

    • 15. wrong! wrote:

      The bottom most light is lit – which is the green one (middle is yellow top is red) and the pedestrian light is also green, as if you needed any more proof.

  • 16. Maybe an innocent mistake wrote:

    It is very possible that it was red for cars in the opposite direction but not for cars in this direction. you can see a cop stopped at the light in the opposite direction and we can assume that it was red for him and he saw the guy taking the turn. he figured that it was red in all directions and so he pulled him over.

    Even without the camera the guy could have probably had it dismissed since the cop did not see the red light in the direction the car was travelling. he could have argued that the light was broke or such.

    give the cop the benefit of the doubt, most of them do good work. we just don’t like when we get ticketed

    • 17. No such thing in law enforcement wrote:

      There are no ‘innocent’ mistakes in law enforcement, since there will always be an unwitting victim, and in this case its a driver who was ticketed unfairly.

      Also, not sure you know this, but when testifying a police officer has to clearly tell the judge that he observed the light to be red, and that the car passed said red light while it was lit. The only way for a cop to do this is to actually see the light that was in fact red.

      A police officer is not allowed to ‘assume’ that a light was red based on ‘other’ factors, he has to see the actual light and the actual car going through the light.

      In this case the office lied on an official instrument, which itself should be punished as a crime.

      ALSO, this cop is a condescending and holier then thou bully who has no right to speak the way he did. “How many years are you driving?” excuse me? How about “how many years have you been a cop?” Just because you wear a badge, it does not give you a license to treat people as inferior, you mr. officer are a public servant and you are expected to treat said public with RESPECT!

    • 18. Maybe an innocent mistake wrote:

      You are right about the condescending tone. i am only saying that the cop may have truly thought that the person took a red and was not going to let him off the hook just because he was in the opposite direction.

      your response actually proves the point i make in the comment that he would have gotten off in court precisely for the reason we both mentioned.

      the main thing is, summer is here and everyone should drive safe

  • 19. Harrassment wrote:

    The fact that the driver would get off in court anyway is beside the point. It costs a significant amount of money and time to fight a ticket in court. A baseless ticket is harrassment.

  • 20. Wake Up!!! Cops not innocent! wrote:

    HELLO! I was stopped heading into Willy and was ticketed for tinted windows. I have standard Honda Odyssey windows on my lease. When she handed me the ticket she says “don’t worry it will be dismissed”. Great but now I have to waste my time going to fight the ticket!!!! Also, I saw after that the cop wrote ticket in a way that it first says “70% light” on the front window which is ok, and then she wrote “29%” on the back window but it doesn’t say if that means light or tint. So she purposely wrote it in a way to get me. Which now means I probably have no chance to win as that’s open to interpretation. WHY GIVE A TICKET IF IT WILL “GET DISMISSED ANYWAY”. THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM. I will probably have less aggravation by paying the $50 fine.

  • 21. Cop or Criminal ? wrote:

    in this case the court should reopen Every summons issue by this cop.
    since every conviction is based on cop`s credibility.

  • 22. ?? wrote:

    What streets are these? from :48 onward it looks like there’s two light. One to the left which turned red and another car waiting there. Ahead across the road (more to the right) there’s another light which is still green when he makes his right turn


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