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NYC to Hike Cigarette Taxes, Restrict E-Cigarettes

from the Associated Press:

The minimum price for a pack of cigarettes would rise to $13 in New York City under a proposal backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio is backing an effort to force people to quit smoking by raising the city’s current legal minimum price of a pack from $10.50, further cementing New York City’s claim on having among the most expensive cigarettes in the country.

Other proposals would set minimum prices and create taxes on smokeless tobacco and small cigars, and require sellers of electronic cigarettes to obtain licenses.

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  • 2. Moishe pipek wrote:

    I do not thing that one should smoke.But to punish the poor person than can not kick it is. criminal.

  • 4. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    Just wait. Soda prices will skyrocket. So will junk food.. This a just a different approach to Fascism.
    And if the Govt feels that CrownHeights;info promotes herpes, since it endorses Metzitzah B’Peh, and consequently in the name of national health shuts you down???
    I could go on and on, but I can bet you get the message.

  • 5. Moishe pipek wrote:

    They can have all the programs but if you are unable to take advantage of it it is punishment.

    • 6. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

      Everyone can quit if they are willing to try ALL the quit smoking programs until they find a program that works for them.

      Also Hashem will help you quit if Hashem sees you are really trying to quit.

  • 7. Hashem will help you quit wrote:

    תניא – אגרת התשובה – פרק יא

    כמאמר רז”ל: הבא לטהר מסייעין אותו

    As our Sages teach:19 “Whoever comes to purify himself [of his sin] is given assistance.”

    הבא דייקא, מיד שבא

    The expression “whoever comes” [indicates that he is granted assistance] as soon as he comes,


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