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2-4 Inches of Snow Falls; Blizzard Warning Called Off

The much-hyped blizzard of the winter of 2017 didn’t pan out, having passed through New York City dropping a mere 2-4 inch dusting of snow, with a trail of freezing rain in its aftermath.

The blizzard warning has been lifted as of 8:00am Tuesday, and replaced with a winter weather advisory for snow and sleet that will be in effect until 8:00pm.

A wind advisory is also in effect until 6:00pm Tuesday. Winds from the northeast will be about 23 to 35 mph, with gusts of up to 50 mph, according to the National Weather Service.


    • 2. Dishonest, Paternalistic Prophets wrote:

      Not just fake, but outright dishonest and paternalistic. I read that the National Weather Service now admits it realized on Monday that the storm would not produce that much snow, but after a conference call with several meteorologists they decided to knowingly not change the by then outdated, overstated snow forecast so as, in their view, not to give people the wrong impression that it was not a dangerous storm.

    • 4. kudos to them for erring on the side of caution wrote:

      it is downright dangerous to subject millions of people to be on the roads during treacherous conditions. I’m so happy they cancelled schools. You don’t play with peoples lives like that. Even as it was, with snow and ice it was DANGEROUS!

      I was happily surprised that NYC schools closed twice this year for severe weather. In 4 years of college we had 1 day cancelled for snow. I had to drive, take the bus, and witness many accidents on slick and dangerous roads and wonder why on earth they would keep school open and put so many people at risk.

  • 5. Agree... wrote:

    Not sure why so many fall for it time and again…Wait till morning b4 deciding to shut down the city


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