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State Senate Passes Felder’s Bag Tax Ban

from the NY Daily News:

The GOP-controlled State Senate moved Tuesday to block the city from imposing a 5-cent fee on plastic and paper shopping bags. Senators voted 42-18 in favor of a measure sponsored by Sen. Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) that prohibits the city from charging taxes or fees on any carry-out merchandise bags.

The measure now heads to the Democrat-controlled Assembly, where it faces an uncertain fate.

“Mayor de Blasio’s bag tax would place an undue financial burden on low- and middle-income New Yorkers who already struggle to pay their bills,” Felder said.

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  • 1. let's be careful not harmful wrote:

    Wow. Mamosh a milkhomoh!

    People called me a “rich snob” who I am not. I just thing it’s a basic menchlehkait not to pollute the ENV. So when Moshiach Tzaidkeinu takes us to Eretz we are in good habit.

    1 positive comment – It doesn’t cost anything to take your old bags along with you next time and reuse them!

  • 2. Little old lady living alone. wrote:

    Yay. Thanks Simcha.
    I use tbose shopping bags as ” free” garbage bags. Without them I would have to buy garbage bags… And then I would be paying for plastic bags no matter what.

  • 3. Regards from the Holy Land wrote:

    This rule was implemented here, so far all are surviving B”H. Bags can be re-used, just untie carefully and save. We discard ones that held milchigs and fleishigs to avoid kashrus mishaps.


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