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MTA Proposes Increased Subway Fares for 2017

The MTA is considering a proposal that would raise fares and tolls system-wide in 2017. Under the plan, subway fares would rise to $3 per ride, while weekly MetroCards would rise to $32 and a monthly pass would cost $121.

MTA board members are expected to vote on the proposals in January following a series of public meetings on the increases.

If approved, which the fare-hike proposals almost always are, the increased fares will take effect on March 19, 2017.

MTA chairman Thomas Prendergast released a statement saying that the “modest” fare increases are needed to cover the transit system’s rising costs.

The proposal also calls for toll hikes on the city’s bridges and tunnels.


  • 1. OUTRAGES!!! wrote:


  • 2. wondering why???? wrote:

    Why do they increase it every year by .50 cents?
    At this rate it will be $7 a fare in 16 years that is a lot

  • 5. so what else is new wrote:

    mass transit is a 24hr/7-day blessing…….. any complaints/… the alternative is to make payments both on a vehicle, insurance and parking tickets…..when i drove, for 1 year, local car service in crown heights folks complained that paying $3. for a local ride was too much………………some folks will complain for anything

    • 6. Doesnt matter wrote:

      With a car – I have the convenience to go where ever I want, whenever I want. I don’t have to wait for trains/busses anymore (in the cold, heat, inclement weather). I don’t have to fight with anyone for a seat. I’m in the convenience of my own car. I can put on music and talk on the phone as loud as I want. If a person is a careful driver, they shouldn’t receive any parking tickets. My brand new car with full ins coverage costs me less than what id pay for a metrocard or other commuter bus/train fare. Plus, my car gets me where I have to be. Trains/busses don’t go everywhere. I don’t have to witness people fighting/homeless people in the trains/nasty people anymore. If I wanted to go to let’s say connecticut, I just hop in my car and it gets me right there FASTER and cheaper than any public transportation. Thank God for my car!! Hope the mta always goes your way.

  • 7. MJ wrote:

    The Transit labor unions have been receiving very modest increases (they are finishing a contract that gave them increases of 1%, 1%, 2%, 2%, and 2%), which under normal circumstances would prevent a fare increase, but the MTA’s health care costs are going up by close to 10% per year.

  • 9. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    This is sick, we must arrange a protest @ the MTA office in Manhattan or Bklyn, enough is enough, we must put a limit to how much they could jack up the fair, $2.75 1 way is a heck of a lot of $$$, it must be regulated that it can only go up so much, then stop there & no more, ppl can’t afford it, it’s not true about the rising costs it’s just an excuse to make the wealthy wealthier, that’s all it is, we must get everyone involved & organize a huge protest that will Stop this, also boycott the MTA, get a ride or something, we must show the MTA that we won’t allow this 2 go on, it must stop, talk to ppl on the street & ppl who u meet, get everyone involved in this issue, in Los Angeles the bus is about $1.75 & L.A. is a huge city 2nd biggest city in the US, 13 years ago it was $1.50.

  • 10. To: It Doesn't Matter wrote:

    If you read the article properly it said that they want to increase the tolls as well, which will affect anyone driving a car. Sorry for bursting your bubble, you’re not really off the hook.

    • 11. Doesnt matter wrote:

      Buddy, my bubble is in perfectly great shape. Since you aren’t aware, there is such a thing called an ez pass. Tolls are cheaper with ez pass than paying cash. Also, the more one uses the ez pass, the more discounts they get off of the toll. Enjoy your mta rides while I enjoy my car that gets me exactly from point a to point b unlike your mta.

    • 13. Doesnt matter wrote:

      To jailhouse: I have no issues with paying for tolls. My brand new car with full car ins, gas, and tolls is still much more cheaper, quieter, cleaner, and faster than the mta. It gets me exactly from point a to b unlike mta. I have been traveling and getting out of the house a lotttt more than before.

  • 14. To: doesn't matter wrote:

    With all due respect even if u have one of those really inexpensive $89 deal leases and excellent driving history (no accidents ever) by the time you factor in Tax Insurance Maintenance Gas Tolls & Parking no way in the world is your car costing you less unless you spend all day every day of the morning month in it. In any case please forgive me for saying this but it is quite insensitive to flaunt the facts of your new car and it’s benefit on a forum read by many people who work really hard but can ill afford such a luxury despite the fact that they need it. The MTA is long known to be a neglectful government organisation that is run exactly like a government entity instead of a business (and also as a service to the bustling thriving city that NY is) like it should be. If it were, I can guarantee you that despite rising Healthcare costs for employees and other rising costs the fare would never be where it is already, at a very unaffordable level for the average hardworking New Yorker never mind the detrimental impact on tourism which should be taken into account as well. It’s a real shame because contracts for improvements and maintenance to the MTA system should be awarded to companies who can provide the best most comprehensive service at the best possible value and due to technological advances many optional services can be provided in the subway and much revenue can be generated via other channels without having to lean on the end user and depend on fare hikes. I was born in the early 70’s and grew up in NYC and now live overseas I have seen and witnessed the development of the MTA and it is without a doubt one of the best systems in existence compared to what ones in other major metropolitan cities but that is no excuse for the sad state of the MTA compared to its true potential and where it could have already been at this point if it had been run properly consistently throughout its history by honest individuals in a consistent manner and with a clear mission to serve the city of New York in the best way possible.


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