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5-Cent Tax on Plastic Bags Poised to Become Law

You’ll soon be charged for every plastic bag you use at the grocery store: the New York City Council has approved a mandatory five-cent fee on all plastic shopping bags, and Mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged to sign the initiative into law.

Supporters of the law said it’s all about making New York cleaner and protecting the environment, while critics point to the safety risks associated with contaminated reusable bags, and say that the fee will amount to a new burden on a heavily-taxed population.

There are exemptions in the law, including bags for medications at pharmacies, bags for prepared foods from restaurants and items purchased with food stamps. Stores that don’t comply can be fined up to $500.


  • 1. Resident wrote:

    Double check me on this though I think state is putting in a legislative act to put the bag tax on hold .. If so may not become law so fast

  • 2. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    this is just another money grab for the city to bilk us under the guise of an environmental tax .

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    This is over exaggerated, as the state senate and assembly are both getting ready to make such a law illegal.

  • 5. Laurie Cumbo wrote:

    Our Council member – Laurie Cumbo – voted for this TAX.
    we wont forget on election day

  • 6. Californian wrote:

    I live in California depends where they charge between .15- .25 cents per bag.

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    Consider what plastic and making plastic bags does to creation….surely we can all carry a tote.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      Really? What does it do to creation? What exactly is this great harm you’re worried about? Please enlighten us.

  • 9. Shame wrote:

    It is law here in England, we pay 5 pence for bags if there are over 200 employees in the store/franchise. The money is supposed to go to charity, where it ends up we will never know. Many people make sure to carry there own bags when they go shopping! Toughen up people, Americans have become such a throw away society, this will teach you!!

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      This will teach us what, exactly? What do we need to learn? What’s wrong with a throw-away society? When it costs more to reuse something than to throw it away, how is it wise not to throw it away?

      Reusable cloth bags need to be washed between uses, or you get E Coli outbreaks. And the cost of all that washing, plus the cost of the bags themselves, is more than the cost of making and disposing of the plastic bags.

  • 11. Mk wrote:

    Losers living in New York, happy to have moved out of there, don’t have to live for my car, get stopped going 26 mph on a main road and now paying for bags….

  • 12. Pennsylvania wrote:

    I’m moving out of Communist NY to Pennsylvania. Parking, double parking, speed traps, bags and crime should be a thing of the past for me.

    The best of luck to all those remaining in NY.


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