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Video: NYC To Spend $242 Million on Fixing Roads

Potholes; They’re everywhere. They’re horrible. Drivers’ complaints have been long and loud, and after CBS2 demanded answers, they¬†got action. CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports.


  • 1. rmb wrote:

    why don’t they suspend alternate side parking for a while. they will make alot of people happy and relieved (quality of life issue) and they will save that money to spend it on repairing the streets.

  • 2. Great idea! wrote:

    Where is the money coming from? Why not adopt an idea other states have used- sell sponsorship to fix the roads to big corporations in return for them getting a tax deduction and a sign advertising that they helped New Yorkers. Positive press is great for business.

  • 3. non-gender wrote:

    About time they did something. Driving many of these streets is like running a land mine–you never know when your car is going to go boom.
    While we are at that, let us not forget some of the side walks as well. Some of these sidewalks in Brooklyn, Boro Park, Crown Heights are the absolute pits!!!!!!!!!

  • 4. Tore up the bottom of my car! wrote:

    The potholes are awful! Thankfully I am moving out here here soon IYH NYC should be ashamed!!!

  • 5. Pothole "repair" wrote:

    Even the city’s attempt at fixing the potholes is ridiculous! They still leave the road bumpy and uneven

  • 7. Why is this News Worthy? wrote:

    Why are they making a big hype about the Mayor agreeing to fix the roads?!?! THIS IS HIS JOB! Do you make a big hype when you do your daily job?

  • 8. non-gender wrote:

    # Wake up from your unreality: Only by making this such a big deal was anything done, even though it is drop in the bucket.

  • 9. More money to the unions wrote:

    Half will fix the roads the other half destroy them later,
    So the car dealerships can continue to thrive.

  • 10. who are you kidding? wrote:

    seeing is believing so far results have been awful any money spent will result in increased harassment &ticketing to make up for it beware!


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