NY Lawmakers Mull Health Warning Labels for Soda

New York State Lawmakers are considering a proposal to require labels to warn consumers about the adverse health effects of sugary drinks, in a similar manner to the way cigarette packages are labeled.

The effort follows an attempt by the Bloomberg administration to ban large sodas, which was ultimately struck down by a judge.

From CBS:

Two committees of the state Assembly are scheduled to hold a public hearing on the proposal Monday in New York City.

The legislation is sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, chairman of the Assembly’s Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection.

The warnings would appear on cans and bottles of regular soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages. The size of the label would increase based on the size of the container.

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  • Uncle Mendel

    Were will it stop?
    Try reading the ingredients for super snakes, or any other nosh.

  • crown heights reident

    It’s a good idea.

    Most people don’t realize how unhealthy it is to drink to much sugar.

  • American Beverage Association, ABA Communications

    Warning labels won’t trigger healthier habits, and the notion of singling out one source of calories in this way is misguided. That’s frankly because all calories count, as does physical activity with regard to reducing obesity and preventing other health conditions as well. With a greater understanding of a healthy balance, consumers can make informed choices for themselves utilizing the calorie and ingredient information clearly displayed on products of all kinds.
    -American Beverage Association