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Subway Fare Rises for 4th Time in 5 Years

New York City commuters, brace yourselves: The price of traveling on New York City’s mass transit system just got even steeper. Fare increases kicked in across the board Sunday on the city’s subways, buses, commuter trains, bridges and tunnels, part of a series of fare increases in recent years built into the MTA’s budget.

From the AP:

The base fare for subways and buses will go up by 25 cents to $2.75, while the price of a 30-day MetroCard will jump by $4.50 to $116.50. The seven-day unlimited ride MetroCard will increase 3.3 percent to $31.

The cost of riding the Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad will both rise about 4 percent, though the price will vary depending on the time of day and the distance traveled. At major bridges and tunnels, including the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, formerly called the Triborough Bridge, and the Queens Midtown Tunnel, E-ZPass tolls will go up 21 cents to $5.54.

The latest price hikes come at a time when commuters are fed up with increasing delays on subways and trains that got worse over the course of a difficult, snowy winter that wreaked havoc on the rails.

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  • 2. non-gender wrote:

    The Mayor has to fund his left wing agenda somehow and in cases such as this it seems always to come off the backs of those who can afford it the least

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      I’m no fan of the mayor (to say the least) but what has this got to do with him? Why are you even mentioning him in this context?

  • 4. MJ wrote:

    The transit unions are in the middle of contracts with very modest raises (1%- 1%- 2%- 2%- 2% over 5 years), and I myself as a manager finally got a raise for the first time in SIX YEARS, but it’s the upward spiral of health care (close to 10% per year) that is necessitating the fare increases.


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