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NYC 10-Day Murder-Free Streak a Record

New York City, once notorious for high crime, broke a record on Thursday with no murders reported for 10 straight days, police said.

The historic calm achieved at 12:01 a.m. Thursday comes on the heels of a notable year – murders in New York City in 2014 fell to an all-time low of 328, the fewest since the New York Police Department started keeping reliable records in 1963.

The biggest U.S. city kept the peace through the early morning on Thursday, beating the milestone set in 2013, when nine days in a row passed without a single person killing another.

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  • 2. non-gender wrote:

    What a disgrace; this is something to brag about. No wonder New York is known as the big rotten apple to the core.

  • 3. Stop and Frisk Success! wrote:

    They need to continue stop and frisk, it’s finally showing some positive results. Or wait, didn’t they reverse it? Okay, now I’m confused…

  • 4. Who gets the credit? wrote:

    Who get’s the credit for this? The mayor? The NYPD? How about gentrification and shkutsim being pushed out? Shhhhhhh, don’t say that, not PC…

    To #3 “Stop and Frisk Success”, if an aggressive stop and frisk strategy was not discontinued by the NYPD and our mayor “Mr. Bill” no question there would be less gun violence.

  • 5. Sox fan wrote:

    Not for lack of trying. This site recounts at least one shooting and one robbery with a gun. Cold weather and poor marksmanship at work here.


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