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Man Beaten for Complaining About Ticket

Complain about a ticket at your own risk. A Brooklyn man was hospitalized after he says an NYPD traffic enforcement agent had her partner beat him to a pulp for mouthing off over a ticket.

“He just knocked me out,” Dimitry Paul-Simon, 34, told the Daily News. “I was getting whooped,”

Paul-Simon peering down from his third-floor window spotted the agent, Delores Brown, ticketing his partner’s car on Patchen Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

It was about 1:45 p.m. on April 30 when the showdown began.

“I screamed out the window, ‘Why are you giving me a ticket? Are you dumb? Are you stupid?’” he admitted.

Paul-Simon said he carefully parked the black Chevy Impala to comply with the city’s alternate-side parking rules. So, he couldn’t imagine what the ticket was for.

Brown slapped a $65 ticket on the vehicle for an expired registration.

The Brooklyn man left his building about 20 minutes after shouting at Brown, he said. The agent was still in uniform and waiting for him when he got downstairs. That’s when he noticed four men at her side.

When she pointed at him, one of the men flashed a gun while another bashed him to the ground, Paul-Simon said.

“Boom – he punched me,” he recalled. “He looked like he worked out. His arms were about four times the size of mine.”

Paul-Simon says his attacker screamed, “What the **** you said to her?”

But Brown, 35, says she doesn’t know the man who beat him up. She claimed a stranger intervened on her behalf when Paul-Simon lost his cool.

“The guys walking by got in a fight with him,” Brown said. I don’t know who the guys were.”

A witness identified on the police report didn’t know Brown or Paul-Simon. She said it was obvious the attacker was doing the traffic agent’s bidding.

“The person who was beating the guy said, ‘You’re ****ing with my wife. She has to do her job,’” recalled the witness, a 43-year-old woman. “He was stomping him with his boots, kicking him in the face.”

Reached at home in South Jamaica, Queens, Brown said the man threatened her from his window. Paul-Simon denied that account.

“He became a threat when he came out of the building and charged me,” the traffic agent said.

Brown says Paul-Simon was winning the fight when she left to call a supervisor. And she insisted she wouldn’t risk her job over something so silly.

“I get cursed out every day,” she said. “I wouldn’t jeopardize my job to beat someone up. I’m a single mother of four.”

The NYPD is investigating the fracas. Brown, who has been on the job just over a year, has been placed on a desk pending the outcome of the investigation.

Neighbors called 911 after the beatdown. No one has been arrested.

Paul-Simon, who has a 2005 New Jersey conviction on his record for theft by deception, was questioned by cops at the 81st Precinct stationhouse. Internal Affairs investigators interviewed him while he was at Woodhull Hospital.

His injuries included a sprained left elbow and swelling, cuts and bruises on his arms, legs and head.

“It was a lot of pain,” he said.

Paul-Simon, who makes a living selling shirts he designs, will likely sue Brown, the NYPD and the city. Police officials declined comment.

“It’s crazy to me,” Paul-Simon said. “My life could have been over for nothing.”


  • 1. crooked traffic cops wrote:

    They are merciless and totally unfair. Actually crooked is a better word. I was given a ticket of $115. for being parked in front of the Lubavitcher Yeshivah on Crown St. when in fact I was parked in front of the condo’s next to the yeshiva. When I sent photos of where I was parked and pleaded not guilty, I was told the pictures are not convincing enough. I hate those traffic cops with a passion

  • 2. RR wrote:

    Doesn’t look so innocent to me. You shouldn’t put such titles to articles. Reminds me of those tabloids (New York Post, Daily News)

  • 3. fictional wrote:

    I soooo dont believe this story at all. Looks like this man was just looking for attention. The traffic cop was simply doing her job

  • 4. DeClasse- Intellectual wrote:

    It is a known fact that in New York city the police are overzelous in giving tickets and I know that appeal process is gulty until proven innocent and you are still guilty so pay the ticket.
    You can ask why in a civl manner and appeal and then fight it, but if you go after the ticket writer in any shape or form, then you are in trouble\
    But, just remember this is one of the reason New York is known as the rotten able and consistently in the top five places that one should advoid much less live in.

  • 7. truth wrote:

    truth is the lady is a mamzeres and he is a gold digger looking to sue. His injuries are not consistent with a serious law suit.

    What I would do if I would have political ambitions is start a party with the main platform being stopping the ticket madness. That would be a lot more of a sell in NYC than I’m Democrat or Republican. Lay off 90% of the ticket issuers and the remaining 10% can focus on the few deserving people.

  • 8. Srulik from Troy wrote:

    What a poorly written article. Ultimately, was the registration expired? If so, this man had no business even saying a word. Take your medicine and move on.

  • 9. disappointed wrote:

    The brownie should be arrested but won’t & they will probably if not already have arrest the person who got beat upif for nothing else then as a cya


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