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NYC Water Rates to Go Up This Summer

Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed a 3.35 percent increase in water and sewage rates paid by homeowners and landlords across the five boroughs, in a proposal submitted to the New York City Water Board.

Despite the increased financial burden the hike will cause the city’s residents, the mayor told the Wall Street Journal that his proposal was “moving things in the right direction.” This is because the rate hike is lower than the 5.6% increase proposed by former mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the lowest rate hike since 2006.

The new rate, if approved, will take effect on July 1st.

A single-family homeowner would see annual payments go up from $992 to $1,025. The increase for a multifamily home with metered billing would go up from $645 to $666 a year per unit.


  • 1. here we go again wrote:

    this guy will do anything to take money from the hard working middle class and give it to the bums who dont work

  • 2. AGREE wrote:

    However, if we are stuck with this challenge, we can just be more clever in our spending, and more helpful to those who are in need of help/support.
    Instead of a $2,000 sheitle this year, I got one for less and it looks fine.
    I was more careful with my clothes spending. I realized I can look tznius and presentable with less expenditure.
    I chose my vegetables and produce carefully this year. Just from that and a few other strategies alone, I was able to save money, and some of that, I plan to use towards Tzedaka.

  • 3. declasse intellectual' wrote:

    the joys of New york–where over 60%percent of your families hard earned money can be taken out for taxes–now the Democrats want more and the mayor promises less services including less police on the street


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