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Dancing with the Cars – Traffic agent’s Got Beat

NY Post

His dancing stops traffic — literally.

Moving and grooving NYPD traffic agent Wil bert Castillo (pictured) has been directing the flow of cars and pedestrians under the Brooklyn Bridge for just over a year, keeping everyone safely in sync.

Castillo, 47, a 10-year veteran, says dancing on the job makes him more approachable.

“I keep people safe. That’s my job, but pe destrians and tourists love to come up to me. I want to change the image of New Yorkers so people know we’re approachable,” said the Queens resident.

The married father of three began practicing his moves in the mirror and for his wife — and before long, he’d danced into the hearts of commuting curmudgeons heading to the unforgiving BQE.

“If they’re sad or worn out and I make them smile, I’ve done my job,” said Castillo.

His spins and pivots are rhythmically timed to the changing lights, and it’s not rare for soccer-mom-driven vans and sedans filled with suits to honk and wave to the affable agent.

“I told my girlfriend to put him on YouTube. He could be the next Internet sensation,” said Sheepshead Bay resident Justin Thomas, 23, who often passes Castillo.

Castillo’s bosses moved him from Canal Street and Hudson to the intersection of Old Fulton Street and Hicks Street because the traffic there was getting too backed up.

The 47-year-old native of Belize stepped up to the challenge and soon cleaned up the flow with his own flow.

And his moves happen rain or shine — often attracting photo requests from tourists.

“I’m a happy man,” Castillo said, “and I want to sell New York.”


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