BDE: Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, 72, OBM

With great sadness we report the passing of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy OBM, a Rov in Crown Heights and head of the OK Kashrus organization. He passed away as Pesach ended on the 22nd of Nissan, 5780.

He was 72 years old.

Rabbi Levy was a respected Rov of the Beis Eliezer Yitzchak Shul, and head of teh OK Kashrus organization based in Crown Heights.

He is survived by his wife Malka, and children: Rikal Fogelman (Crown Heights),  Yitzchak Levy (Miami, FL), Pnina Hanoka (Crown Heights), Menachem Levy (Crown Heights), Esty Scheiner (Miami, FL), Devorah Leah Chein (Crown Heights), Chaya Camissar (Miami, FL), Shmuly Levy (Miami, FL), and Berel Levy (Crown Heights).

He was predeceased by his daughter Rivka in December of 2018.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes




  • Single Mom

    Years ago my kids were able to go to sleep-away camp every summer due in large part* to the generosity of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy OBM and the OK. (*Yes, B”H there are other camp funds in CH that helped, but so did he).
    Thank you Rabbi Levy. May you have a lichtiger Gan Eden, but make yourself busy up there to bring n’eNow

  • Batt Family


    Rabbi Levy was trailblazer in so many ways in so many places the whole world is feeling this loss. From CH to the streets all over the world he was the standard for what a Jew and Chabad Chosid should be. there will not be a day we will not feel this loss. Wishing all the very best to his family of this great man

  • Declasse' Intellectual

    Rabbi Levy and his father will be remembered for all the work they did to aid in the development of kosus in this country!