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BDE: Body Of Rabbi Reuven Bauman OBM, Has Been Found

The body of Rabbi Reuven Bauman, who jumped into the ocean to save a struggling boy has been found, reported YeshivaWorldNews.

Following a days long search, the body was reportedly found by a Misaskim boat, and positively identified by the authorities.

The find occurred around 2:15pm, and the family notified.

He leaves behind a wife and 5 children.

Levaya information to be announced.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes


  • 2. a special neshama wrote:

    His special neshama shines through on his face.
    so sad for his mishpacha and for klal yisroel.
    May we see his return with Moshiach’s arrival before the shloishim. ..

  • 3. David and Ronna Tobin, Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:

    Such sad news!
    May the family be consoled with their friends, and may they not know of anymore sorrow!


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