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General Elections Tuesday

On Tuesday November 6th, general elections for New York public office will be held. The polls will be open from 6am through 9pm. would like to remind all to go out and vote.

To find your local polling location: Click Here


  • 1. Chaim wrote:

    Our community owes Jesse Hamilton our support. Please vote for him. on the Independent line. He has done so much for us, which was also the reason for tbe opposition to him from our neighbors.

  • 2. Chaim wrote:

    Please come out & vote for Jesse Hamilton who did so much for our community and for Israel which is what his opponent in the primary used to defeat him. But he’s running on the Independent line on Tuesday & surely deserves our support & Hakoras Hatov

  • 3. Jesse Hamilton. Every other race, vote Republican wrote:

    Vote for people who will bring security and morality back to our community!

  • 4. Jay from LI wrote:

    Best sneak attack campaign I have seen.

    After losing Democratic Primary, and not wanting to battle the winning candidate with mailers and insults, Jessie lays low, and shows up, with the Democratic winner not expecting a fight.

    Hamilton’s websites have no talk of him running as an Independent. There are no articles on the internet about Hamilton running under a google search, before yesterday.

    Brilliant. Hamilton lost the primary by only a few thousand votes. This is the best Surprise Attack campaign ever. The goal is to win based upon the “lazier” or less enthusiastic Democrats coming out to vote today when they did not vote in the primary, plus some Republicans. The results will run along ethnic lines, as Hamilton will get much of the African-American and Jewish vote, and Myrie getting most of the yuppie and Carribean vote.


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