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Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Chaim Schneur Zalman Borenstein, 9, OBM

With great sadness and immense pain we inform you of the very untimely passing of Chaim Schneur Zalman OBM ben Betzalel YBD”L HaKohen Borenstein, a young Shliach from Whitby, Ontario Canada who united tens of thousands in doing good deeds in the merit of his recovery. He was 9 years old.

A studious and bright young boy, Zalman had fallen ill just a year ago and was diagnosed with the dreaded illness.

Learning and mitzvah campaigns were launched in his merit alongside Challah bakes, which united tens of thousands in doing good deeds.

Zalman also competed in this past years Chidon Hamitzvos and was among the finalists.

More recently a new Sefer Torah was written in the merit of his recovery.

After a brave and valiant battle Zalman passed away early this morning.

He is survived by his parents Rabbi Tzali and Chana Mala Borenstein, Shluchim in Whitby, Ontario Canada, as well as his four siblings Perel, Chaya, Yossi and Bina.

He is also survived by his grandparents R’ Moshe Nachman and Dina Borenstein of Crown Heights and Mrs. Sima Faiga Leiberman of Ft. Laurderdale.

The Levaya will take place today, Thursday, 3:30pm at Pardes Shalom Cemetery 10953 Dufferin St, Maple, ON L6A 1S2, Canada

Boruch Dayan Hoemes

The Borenstein Family at the Siyum Sefer Torah earlier this year.


  • 2. Boruch Dayan haemes wrote:

    May Hashem comfort you and bring Moshiach now mamash. We will all do what we can to make it happen now bez”H.

    • 4. Chaim wrote:

      Until we do teshuva as one loving nation worldwide on all levels. From frum to Frei to chasidish etc….

      Welcome to the generation of living in denial and not facing reality.

      Were in a time of non stop horrific tragedies in Klal yisroel R”L because we leave our loving father Hashem no choice. When we are constantly hit with tzaros and think we can fool Hashem that we don’t get his wake up call for teshuva then Hashem has no choice. Just like a parent when a child will not listen. We call it a punishment of love cause every parent knows it’s for the child’s benefit.

      May we all do teshuva ASAP

      May his Neshama have an Aloha

      May his family have a nechama

  • 8. Eckhaus Family wrote:

    BDE. May your fond memories of Chaim Schneur Zalman OBM bring comfort to you.
    May we all share in the ultimate Simcha with the coming of Mashiach NOW

  • 9. David Homami wrote:

    Tzali/Chana Mala, so sorry for your loss! We need Mashiach now! May you only see happiness and kindness from now on.


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