Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Mrs. Fraida Andrusier, 69, OBM

With sadness and pain we inform you of the passing of Mrs. Fraida Andrusier OBM a longtime resident of Crown Heights. She was 69 years old.

She was the daughter of Rabbi Binyomin Levitin OBM and the granddaughter of the legendary Chossid Rabbi Shmuel Levitin OBM.

She is survived by her husband R’ Leibel Andrusier and their children Levi Andrusier (Columbus, OH), Dina Tashbook (S. Monica, CA), Fruma, Shulamis, Esther, and Chaya all of Crown Heights.

She is also survived by her siblings; Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin (Seattle, WA), Rabbi Yosef Levitin (Crown Heights), and Mrs. Devorah Kornfeld (Seattle, WA).

The Levaya will take place today, Monday, leaving from Shomrei Hadas at 11:00am and passing by 770 at around 12:00pm.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes